Wednesday, March 5, 2008

To my dear Anonymous Friend

What you wrote is both true and false:

"I know you hate me writing these comments, but your best friend in life tells you the MOST truth! "

True--my best friend in life does tell me the most truth-Jenn is awesome at that! She doesn't even hesitate to tell me when my jeans do make me look fat! Thank you for pointing that out!

False--I do not hate you writing these comments, I actually find them very interesting. I grew up with a very religious background and love all things religion!! I'm taking a class in school this fall to learn even more. Thank you for sharing your feelings with me about your religion. Reading from your many comments I see that you must be an explicit follower of the bible, and I'd like to remind you that your God asked you not to judge people, so please keep such judgmental comments off my blog. I will gladly publish your comments if you decide to tell me who you are! But Anonymous comments from people other than my mother, are not welcome! Yelling things to me about things I do not believe aren't going to get you any further in heaven, nor will they get me any further into your hell :)

Thank you again for your many comments, I'd love to share more of them with my readers when you are ready to come out of your closet!


my cowgirl alter-ego said...

i hate anons. we can hit them with baseball bats if you wanna.


isn't it pretty to think so said...

Yikes! And I was just hoping I would get more comments...maybe I should rethink that! Good post. And I think it's great you went to a support group. i don't think I would have the nerve.