Sunday, November 30, 2008

The End.

No, not of the blog silly. Do you think I can keep my mouth shut? Uh, no! Nope, the end of NaBloPoMo. Phew.

I enjoyed it. I found myself saying things I normally would have kept inside, because, well, I had to have something to say! Yes, I did cheat a few times (3 surveys and a whole picture post) but for the most part I spent every day talking with you all.

Now my goal for next month is to be a better commenter. So I need to ask you all a favor. I have a google reader account that I keep all my blogs listed on. If you are reading me, please post your blog in my comments so that I can make sure I have you listed on my blogroll. I've noticed here and there comments from people that I have never "met", and I want to make sure that I am faithfully following your blogs, as you are mine.

So...all you lurkers, show yourselves!! I want to thank you for taking this journey with me, and I want to follow yours.

(PS, my dear Anon CV fan...maybe you want to come out of the closet too??)

Saturday, November 29, 2008


It is November 29th and I have to say that honestly for the first time since NaBloPoMo started, I'm at a loss of what to write. Yes, sometimes it has only been a survey, but at least I had the survey in my back pocket in case of writers block.

Today, nuffin.

So...I've decided to share with you a few pictures of my favorite place on earth.

Friday, November 28, 2008

A recap of our day after Wednesday

I tell you what, for the most part, my friends are wonderful. I only got a couple of texts wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. Most of the texts or calls I got were to wish me a Happy Thursday or Happy Day after Wednesday!

My boss spent 20 minutes yelling at me that I would not come join his family for Thanksgiving. Nope.
Not thankful enough.
Just come eat free food then.
I'm boycotting all related items today.
Fine, then I am feeling a little grr at you right now.

So I left work and went home to pick Jenn up and we headed to......

Ruby Tuesdays!!!

Mmmmmm salad... (Kim, please note the addition of sunflower seeds just for you)

And...because we felt like it and because they tasted darn good...
mmmmm Margaritas!!!

The three flavors are Strawberry, Regular and oh so appropriately Blue!!

After dinner we headed to KMart to look at their selection of Christmas lawn decor. I really wanted to add a hannahunt (you might know that as an cousin Kevin used to call them hannahunts and that has stuck in my head), and holy crap, they had one! was $79.00 and I'd much rather wait until after Christmas and get it on super sale!! So...there will be a bare spot on our lawn until 12/26.

We did however find lots of other good deals...a great gift for Avery that was half off....and um, can't think of what else we bought?? Hmm, I blame the margaritas!

Then we headed to the gas station to get gas, and SLUSHIES!!! And headed home for a Dr. Mario tournament...which I won.

All in all we had an absolutley wonderful day after Wednesday. I hope all of yours were wonderful, or as good as they could have been, or how ever you wanted them to be!!

love and hugs!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I am thankful for.

For those of you who don't have the pleasure of getting snapped at when you ask me how I am spending my Thanksgiving, I'll tell you here. Today is Thursday. We are not celebrating any holiday. It will be a day of working for me, and dinner at Ruby Tuesday for the two of us. We just aren't feeling very thankful.

To be honest, there was a vote in our house. I voted against any holiday celebrations. Jenn vetoed me. Well, I let her win. I get no Thanksgiving, and together we will have Christmas. It will suck, and I will change the channel on my radio every time Elvis starts belting out Blue Christmas. No, that is a lie. I will sing along changing the words to suit us better. I'll have a blah Christmas, without Blue.... (I wrote this before Mrs. Spit commented on yesterday's post...Mrs. Spit made me smile!)

I am thankful. There is lots to be thankful for. So...I'm listing some. No, not everything I am thankful for is on this list. If you find that I have missed something huge, please let me know, and I will add it. (the first two are in a particular order, after that, it was just how things fell into my head)

  • Jenn
  • Blue. Even though he isn't in my arms, he is in my heart. And his teddy bear holds my hand every night.
  • All the other angels in heaven looking down on us, not only the ones I have sent, but the ones we have all sent.
  • Minnesota (my dog, not the state)
  • Michigan (my cat, not the state)
  • Mom, Dad, Marshall
  • Lyz, Chris, Avery, Tadpole
  • Joni and Dennis
  • That Joni found Dennis
  • Elissa, Jim, Skyler, Austin and Annabelle
  • Brandi and Kristen
  • All of my blog friends, without whom I have no idea how I would have made it through these past few months.
  • A wonderful job where I am treated like part of the family.
  • A roof over my head. (I can't say it keeps me warm, as I don't use the heat, but it does protect me from the elements)
  • That friends read my blog and email me when I chide them for never calling me to get my phone number since their phone fell in the toilet.
  • All of my extended family.
  • That Jenn was able to find a job, that she loves, in this horrible economy.
Okay, I'm stopping here. Yes there is plenty more that I have to be thankful for, but these are the things that I am most thankful for.

Enjoy your turkeys, or tofurkies as the case may be. I'll be enjoying my salad bar with yummy periwinkle (or you may call them pumpernickel) croutons. Wishing you all tons of things to be thankful for. May we have many more next year.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sad little snowman, sad little tree, sad little me.

A tradition started on our little "strip" of tourist trap last year. All the businesses received a cute 8 foot tall snowman cutout to decorate and display on the road. Jenn and I spent hours last year planning him. And he was cute. Not as cute as some of the others on the strip, but cute.

Every year at the hotel they put up a big beautiful REAL Christmas tree. Every year in the past I have been in charge of decorations.

This year...the snowman was due up November 10th. He is still in storage. He is still my responsibility and I just can't seem to muster up the energy to care about him. I know what I plan on doing to him (Dressing him in a Hawaiian shirt and sticking a few flamingos in the ground around him), I just haven't done it.

Our Christmas tree arrived yesterday at the hotel, and it is one sad little tree. Usually it is so tall and full and beautiful that people are convinced it is fake. This one, compared to last year, looks like Charlie Brown picked it out. And again, I can't find it within myself to care that people decorated it with crappy gold garland from three years ago, and balls that have chipped paint on them.

My boss asked if I liked it, or if I would like some money to go get new stuff to spruce (ha ha pun) it up. No, it's fine the way it is I replied.

What the hell is wrong with me? Christmas is my holiday!!?? All the baking and decorating and the ability to go crazy-ass-tacky with everything? And I don't seem to care. I want to care, my eyes lit up when I first saw the tree this morning. Then I looked closer and saw how sad it looked all missing branches and 5 feet shorter than last years, and my eyes filled with tears.

So...I called my doctor and made an appointment to be seen regarding depression. I hate the fact that I feel 10 times worse now than I did 10.5 months ago. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that so few people remember. So few people understand why I am sad. They even admit it...I don't understand why you are still so upset? I want to shake them, show them their child and say "How the hell would you feel if he/she was in heaven right now?"

I'm trying. I cleaned the kitchen up after dinner last night instead of letting everything fester (or flipping out on Jenn when she tried to clean it). Tonight we are heading out to buy enough supplies to make 17 batches of the cookies for the contest. I have a lot of baking ahead of me...and a lot of getting better to do.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So....the cookie contest.

I woke up yesterday morning and kept staring at my phone. I wondered if they would call. I wondered if they were going to call, when would they do it???

Then I sat down and played Dr. Mario and forgot all about it.

Imagine my surprise when my phone rang, I looked at the caller id and just knew it was the newspaper.

May I speak to Heidi _____ please?
(she mispronounced my last name)
This is she.
Hi! This is Stephanie with Local are a finalist in our Holiday Cookie Contest!

The Mystery Cookies (tomato soup) have made it into the finals. On Wednesday, December 3 I go to our local baseball stadium with two dozen of my cookies to be judged.

The next few days will be spent practicing, since I haven't made these cookies in ages. Of course they pick the cookies I haven't made in ages.

I'm scared to death. I may have mentioned here a few million times that I am super duper shy. Am I going to have to speak in front of people? What am I going to wear? Will I get to take my support system with me? Ekkee!!

I will be bringing my Grandma's picture with me so she can inspire me (and the judges?) during this competition.
Scared to death, but oh so excited!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mingo Monday

For today's episode of Mingo Monday I present to you Minne's very own collection of Flamingos!!

Now I swear she owns more than four flamingos. I just couldn't seem to find them all. She must have hidden them somewhere upstairs.

Minne has an obsession with destuffing things. You will notice that the flamingo in the lower left has a hole in its stomach where Minne was so kind as to relieve her from her bloat.

What can I say, I have a problem. Whenever we are at the pet store and I see a flamingo I get all excited and Minne gets a new present.

At least she likes them too!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


**Warning...I just drank a cup of tea and haven't had caffeine in ages. My mind was allll over the place in the typing of this entry. Please forgive my jumpiness, but know that in real life, this is how I talk. It also doesn't help that I was writing this at work during a busy Sunday morning checkout!**

**In fact, this post got so out of control that I'm gonna be nice and give you cliff notes so you don't have to read the whole thing-I entered a cookie contest. And "they" are going to call the finalists tomorrow. I've placed a lot of eggs in this basket and am really hoping "they" call.**

Recently on my friend Estee's blog, I saw a recipe for Rolo cookies. Like my friend, as in I actually know Estee in real life. I grew up with her. Our momma's are best friends. I used to babysit Estee and her siblings. Yes, I haven't seen Estee since I left for college (or maybe the summer after), but I still consider her a friend.

I'll even show you a picture:

Me, Jennifer (not to be mistaken for my wife Jenn), and Estee. This picture must have been taken one of the last days before I left for Idaho. I believe we are in a bowling alley, I do not believe this is the same bowling alley day that I accidental stole bowling shoes though. This Jennifer and I were inseparable my senior year of high school and the summer after, and she even drove to see me in Idaho, and we spent that Thanksgiving together in Las Vegas with my Aunt Kari and then when we both came home from school we both moved in with my Aunt Kari. Stop rambling Heidi. Someday I will compose an entire entry about how much I love her and miss her and why won't she call me?????????? (see, I know she has the link to my blog....and maybe that guilt tripped her into calling me??)

Why am I rambling on about knowing Estee in real life? Because I'm shy. I have never met any of the bloggers I have "met" online. I almost met Kim and M but had no internet access and lost their phone number because I am a dork like that. There are tons and tons and tons of bloggers that I would love to meet...but I will never make the first move. I'm just so terribly shy. I found out that someone I met in blogland loves the same beach in Florida that Jenn and I frequent. I'm hoping that maybe someday we will get to meet up there...and that our mutual blog friends will come too. We'll be there in February...just so you know. Everyone is invited. Come sit with Jenn and I in our happy place!!

Oh, cookies. Yep, that is what I am supposed to be writing about. But, you need a little more back story first. I love to cook. I love cookbooks. I collect cookbooks. (One of the 47,000 things I collect) When Jenn went back to work I was excited to get back into the kitchen again. The first night I made Chicken Enchiladas (don't get too excited, we aren't talking fancy ones, we are talking ones that involve cream of chicken soup). Burned them to a crisp. I partially blame Dr. Mario as I was wrapped up in a thrilling game of it and forgot all about our yummy dinner in the oven. I flipped out. I bawled and cried and threw things and screamed and yelled and carried on like a big old baby. I felt like a failure. Now Jenn still ate it. She peeled off the top burned layer and ate the middle layer. She said it was delicious. I ate an apple. I love her for eating my food even when it is crappy.

The next day I got home from work as was starving as work lunch was crappy I chose not to eat it. I decided to whip myself up a grilled cheese sandwich. Guess what? I burned that too. But I redeemed myself by making a big old pot of chicken and dumplings on Thursday, and pierogies (I'm not in the mood to look up how to spell that right) and onions on Friday. Both of which were the best I've ever made.

Back in August I wrote about blaming the fact that I have never entered the local Fair's cookie contest is what makes me infertile. Yes, i still know that isn't true, but it has bothered me ever since. Do you think that meant that I entered the cookie contest this year? Nope.

Okay, now picture me sitting on the couch at Lyz and Chris's house one Monday afternoon reading their newspaper (which isn't something I normally do. 1-I never read the newspaper, I find it rather depressing, 2-I never read someone elses newspaper before they have. It just isn't nice) I turned the page and there in the bottom right hand corner was an invitation to enter in the newspapers holiday cookie contest. I thought to myself, I can do this. I can submit three recipes and hope that I get chosen.

And I followed through. I submitted my three favorite holiday cookie recipes. YumYums, Stained Glass Windows, and my Grandma's tomato soup cookies. The deadline to submit was Friday, and they are going to call the finalists tomorrow. I'm nervous. I really hope they call me. If they do then on December 3rd I take 2 dozen of my cookies to the local baseball stadium and they will be judged. That is a Wednesday and I sure hope that if I am a finalist they do it at night. If Jenn can't go I will cry. Jenn made me promise to continue to follow through. If I am a finalist, and it is during the daytime, then I will go. (Lyz....whatcha doing December 3rd?)

Oh, and none of those recipes is the Rolo cookies so what do Estee and her Rolo cookies have to do with it???

When we went to Chocolate World a few weeks ago I bought a case of Rolos. I was potty trained with the Rolo Method, and still love them to this day. I saw the case of Rolos and was so excited that I could bake the cookies!!

But, I haven't been in the cookie baking mood. Friday night at 9:30 I turned to Jenn and said "If it wasn't so late right now, I would totally go bake Rolo cookies." So we made plans to bake them together when I got home from work yesterday.

Jenn isn't feeling good so while she went to lay down I thought I would get the cookies going. Except I didn't have all the ingredients. I don't have any cocoa powder. Boo Hiss. Too lazy to go the store, and with Jenn not feeling good my cookies have been put off to another day.

Yep. Telling you that I didn't bake cookies yesterday just took me 1,174 words.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We could be from seperate planets

1. A body of water, smaller than a river, contained within relatively narrow banks.



2. What’s the thing you push around the grocery store called.

Heidi-Shopping Cart

Jenn-Grocery Cart

3. A container to carry a meal in.



4. The thing that you cook bacon and eggs in.

Heidi-A Pan?

Jenn-A frying pan

5. The piece of furniture that seats three people.

Heidi-Couch (Although the first thought in my head was davenport)

Jenn-Sofa or Couch

6. The device on the outside of the house that carries rain off the roof.



7. The covered area outside a house where people sit in the evening.



8. Carbonated, sweetened, non-alcoholic beverages.

Heidi-Pop (although I am forced to say soda where I live)


9. A flat, round breakfast food served with syrup.

Heidi-Pancakes!! (Can we have them for dinner soon?)



10. A long sandwich designed to be a whole meal in itself.

Heidi-Hogie or Submarine

Jenn-Sub (so in Michigan did you have Hogieways instead of Subways?)

11. The piece of clothing worn by men at the beach.



12. Shoes worn for sports.

Heidi-Tennis Shoes


13. Putting a room in order.

Heidi-Clean up

Jenn-Ret Up (Heidi HATES this term and "are you ret to go?")

14. A flying insect that glows in the dark.


Jenn-Lightening Bug

15. Little insects that curls up into a ball.

Heidi-Pill Bug

Jenn-Rollie Pollies

16. The children’s playground equipment where one kid sits on one side and goes up while the other sits on the other side and goes down.

Heidi-Teeter Totter (Have I ever shown you my teeter-totter scar?)


17. How do you eat your pizza?

Heidi-um, bite by bite

Jenn-Folded in half

18. What’s it called when private citizens put up signs and sell their used stuff?

Heidi-Garage or Yard Sale

Jenn-Garage Sale

19. What’s the evening meal?


Jenn-If it is before 6pm it is Supper, if it is after 6pm it is dinner.

20. The thing under a house where the furnace and perhaps a rec room are?



21. What do you call the thing that you can get water out of to drink in public places?

Heidi-Drinking Fountain

Jenn-Water Fountain

22. What do you call the meal that Manwich makes?



23. What is Chicken Pot Pie

Heidi-A yummy chicken and gravy dish with vegetables served in a pie shell.

Jenn-A stew with noodles.

(I added those last two myself. People who grew up here in Pennsylvania Dutch land are odd.)

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Little Better

I didn't cry when Jenn came home yesterday. I had dinner ready, and I had even baked her the pie she has been begging for the last two weeks. (Pumpkin in case you were wondering).

I did start to get a little hazy when we left the house to go to her eye doctor appointment (her fourth in the last month). I'm a homebody. I could totally be a hermit and not complain.

This morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. I started in my head with the "this should have been Blue's first real snow". But I've shaken myself out if it a bit. It still is his first snow. We just don't get to watch him play in it. Not that a five month old really would have been playing a lot. But I would have brought a bucket of it inside so that he could touch it. (I do this with the dog and cat, because they really like the snow, but are too prissy to stand around outside enjoying it.)

So, yesterday was better than the day before, and hopefully today will be better than yesterday.

(this does not mean that I am excited for Christmas, but I have been listening to the all Christmas radio channels in an effort to pull happy Heidi holidays out of the closet.)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where I really am.

Monday was our last day off together before Jenn returned to work. We had lots of fun. We went and got Jenn's hair done so she'd look super cute on her first day at work. We did several errands.

Then we headed to our storage unit to get out the outside Christmas decorations. You've seen my small lawn from our Halloween pictures...we are even worse when it comes to Christmas. If Jenn had her way we would put out Christmas decorations the day we take down Halloween, but I don't let her have her way all of the time. Over the weekend three of our neighbors put out their decorations, so I gave Jenn the go ahead to do ours. (Alternate reason is that it is just getting way too cold to want to stand outside for that long, yes, I'm selfish sometimes)

When I put the decorations away last year I was still in a haze, so nothing is put away nicely, and nothing was labeled. I bent down to open one box and bam...maternity clothes. I did well to be honest. I closed the box back up and said someday I'll need you. (No, I still didn't label the box so this will happen again!!)

I enjoyed putting out the decorations. Our lawn looks all happy and bright. I'll show pictures once it is officially complete, we buy one more thing at Kmart on Thanksgiving every year, it's our tradition.

Tuesday morning came and we got ready for work together. I was great all day. Excited for Jenn, excited for our checkbook. I came home to just the pets and picked up a little bit, started dinner and all was fine. Until Jenn got home. Then I lost it. I cried and sobbed and had a grand old pity party. This isn't what we are supposed to be doing. Christmas this year was supposed to be the best ever. I'm supposed to worry about money because I want to buy Blue every awesome toy there is out there. I'm supposed to be in a hurry to get out of work so that I can pick up his smiling face from day care. We're supposed to be waiting together at the door from momma to come home from her job.

Yesterday I had off. Again, I did wonderfully. I cleaned some more, got dinner going, lounged around in my pj's all day. Then Jenn got home and again I lost it. I feel so bad for Jenn. She is enjoying her job, but I am sure my crying fits when she gets home makes her feel guilty for leaving me. She shouldn't. I am so proud of her. I love that she is happy and has something to do. I don't know why I freak out when she gets home.

I blame the upcoming holidays.

I'm mostly ignoring Thanksgiving. I will work the day shift at the hotel. We've been invited to several different dinners, to most we've said no thank you, to one we've said, we'll just have to see. We will have to play it by ear and see how thankful we are feeling. I'm having a very difficult time feeling thankful. Yes, there are many things I am thankful and grateful for. But there is a big empty spot in my heart that feels black, cold and bitter.

Christmas...I'm choosing to deny that it is coming. Yes, we have decorations out. Yes, we've even picked up a few Christmas gifts. Beyond that I cry. We'll be getting a real tree this year. We threw out the fake one last year. I was pregnant. Jenn and I had always said that our children will not know of fake trees. We bought the tree stand at 75% off the day after Christmas. There will be a real tree, and no son there to enjoy it.

I'm broken. I'm tired of being broken. I'm tired of people in my life not realizing that I am broken. Why do people think you should be all better? Why don't they understand that I never will be all better. I put on a great show, I know I do. I know this because the people around me that do notice that I am broken often tell me how strong I am. Even when I tell them I hate hearing that. I'm not strong. I am broken.

I want to smile. We've been playing a lot of Dr. Mario on the Wii lately, and I think it is because Jenn knows I'll smile. Yes, playing a silly game can make me smile. Playing that game is one of the few times a real smile settles upon my lips.

I'm tired of the same questions with the same answer.

Are you okay? I'm trying to be.
Are you going to be okay? Someday.

And then it getting dropped. If you don't really want to know the answer, don't ask. If I say I'm okay, I'm lying. I just don't want to get into it right now. If I say I'm not okay, understand. If I turn around and stop looking at you, I simply don't want you to see my tears.

I'm hoping that spilling this all forth onto "paper" will help the poison get out of me a little. I'm sorry that you have to read it. Maybe someone out there needs to read it so they know they aren't alone. I have a blog I read where I swear the person who writes it lives in my heart. We aren't alone. There are lots of us out here. Lots of people that no one knows hurt, until they feel the pain themselves. We'll get through it. We have to.

To people I know in real life: If you are reading this, I'm not talking about you. The people I'm talking about don't read this blog, as far as I know. So I guess if you are reading it in secret, I might be talking about you. But I doubt it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


There is a wonderful blog out there called To Write Their Names In The Sand*. They will write your child's name in the sand and photograph it for you (if you are unfortunate enough to have lost your child).

It touches my heart. I love the beach, the water, the sand. I cannot think of a more beautiful tribute to our son.

*Yes, we know that if you go to that website and find Blue's picture it gives away his last name, oh-well. Stalk us if you must, but having this picture of our son means more to us than you knowing his last name.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cheating Again

Yes, I do actually have important things to write, but I can't see when I cry, so they all just have to wait until I'm ready to get it all out of me. All is well, in fact it is wonderful (no that does not mean I am pregnant and holding out on you), don't worry!

I stole this from Karen at One Small Apartment
(and yes, I think I did it last year too, but people weren't really reading me then.)

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? My collection is quite large. I have to keep the used rolls to prove to Jenn they are all gone, or else I am not allowed to buy more.

2. Real tree or Artificial? This year it will be real. But that is a whole nother story that involves tears and I already told you I'm not in the mood for them this morning.

3. When do you put up the tree? When we used fake trees it was Thanksgiving that we will be using real, I have no idea.

4. When do you take the tree down? Um...fake, whenever I got around to it. New Years Day

5. Do you like eggnog? gag, Lyz can have my serving.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Fluffy the penguin/kiwi bird.

7. Hardest person to buy for? Um, no one. I love to shop!

8. Easiest person to buy for? My dad, he's nice and gives us a list :)

9. Do you have a nativity scene? I used to have a whole collection, now I think I have one.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail, but I don't think I'm doing them this year.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Worst Christmas gift? There is no such thing.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? Christmas Story!!!! We watch it for 24 hours straight!

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? After Christmas

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yes. I'm a regifter. I admit it.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Dad's Sausage Gravy!!

16. Lights on the tree? Yes, mulitcolored. I prefer white, but Jenn really likes multi so I let her have it!

17. Favorite Christmas song? O Holy Night. Followed ever so closely by I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? We are instituting a every other year travel plan.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? you know dasher and dancer and prancer and vixen comet and cupid and donder and blitzen, but to you recall, the most famous reindeer of allllllll...

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Neither.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?PJ's get opened Christmas Eve, everything else Chrismas Day.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? Nothing. I love Christmas. Well, not as much this year as past, but I love it!

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? I love my world's ugliest Christmas ornament. Stayed tuned, she will have a blog post all to herself once she has been hung on the tree!

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? I'm a sides girl. I don't care what the main dish is, just give me all the sides :)

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? Do you really need to ask?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mingo Monday

Today I shall present to you (drumroll please dadadadadadadadadada):

The ugliest Flamingo in my collection (according to Jenn, I personally believe they are all beautiful!!):

I think she's pretty!!! She is a Florida find from 2007. We were at the flea market and we walked past this booth of crap and I just had to have her. The woman that ran the booth said she couldn't keep her on the shelves that people just kept buying her up. See, I'm not the only crazy person out there!

Close up on her beautiful face:

Mingo's make me happy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Doin nuffin

We had a do nothing day. Until around 4 when we decided we were hungry and wanted KFC. We marched ourselves out the door and Jenn

Um what?

Um, I left the keys inside.

We checked both doors and all first floor windows to see if anything happened to be unlocked, but no. So we had to call maintenance. They came with their key to let us in...nope. Their key didn't work either. He had to go get channel locks, break off our handle and install a new lock.

That was our fun for the day. Now I am off to play old fashion Zelda on my Wii!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gone Shoppin'

We met up with Lyz and Avery this morning and headed out to King of Prussia Mall--it's near Philly. Huge mall. With all the good stores, except Torrid. We visited Kate Spade and Coach and Macy's and Williams Sonoma (like my second favorite store on the planet). We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and ate a lot of yummy food. Although I don't recommend their cesar salad. It was way to peppery tasting for my mouth.

Spent less that $100 the whole day. We really weren't going to shop, just browse. I think we definitely got our exercise for the day though! Avery kept us quite entertained. She just cracks me up sometimes. So smart and so sassy, but a good sassy, not a mean sassy.

Just got home and I have a list of things to do. Enter cookies in a baking contest, pay the car payment and insurance, and register for next semester. So this will be shorter than my usual novels! Bonus!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Home Vacation, Day 1

We slept in a little bit this morning. It was nice, especially since I stayed up super late last night playing a silly game on Facebook so that I could be in first place (in our county)...I got it by one and then promptly passed out.

We headed out to Pizza Hut for lunch...yummy. Our local one has a great lunch buffet, which apparently the Amish know. They came in ten at a time. It was odd. They sucked that buffet dry! So every time I saw someone take a pizza out of the oven I'd go stand by the buffet and see if it was something Jenn and I like :)

After that we headed to Fashion Bug to see if they had any suits on special. Jenn has plenty of clothes, but they very often have great sales on their business suits, so we figured we would stop in. While we didn't find any suits, we found lots of other stuff. Several sweaters, a few cute tops, a great pair of cords...only $60.00. Great deals!!!

Headed to PetSmart for pet food, they didn't have Minne's brand so we have to look elsewhere for it. Our pets are rather picky. Have I ever mentioned Igan's food allergies? No, well let me tell you that my cat, MY CAT, is allergic to fish. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find cat food, treats, anything that doesn't have fish in it?????? Every time we find one, and she actually happens to like it, they stop making it. Ever so frustrating. We stood in the treat aisle for 27 minutes reading ingredients. Finally found one, only to realise it was crunchy. Our cat only likes soft and chewy treats. Urgh.

Headed off to our salon to get my nails done. Jenn had stopped by the other day just to say hi and found out that my manicurist was leaving! Thankfully she had an opening for today so we went in for one last manicure. I was her very last appointment. She has been my not only my nail gal, but my therapist. When she heard about Blue she sent me the most beautiful letter. I held that letter in my hand for a few nights while I slept. She said the right things. Not the cliche's that we so often heard. When I went in for my first appointment after that, she hugged me tight and we cried together. She is the best. I only started getting my nails done because it gives me something to do while Jenn gets her haircut. I had no idea that I would find a wonderful friend.

After that we headed over to Lyz's house, we needed to drop off a bag that Avery had left after her sleepover. I also wanted to drop off something that had been given to me that Lyz had on her registry. That stung a little. I'll admit it. But at the same time, it felt really good to be able to let it go. I'll get it back. I'll use it someday. Now it will have twice the good vibes. Some from my cousin Will, some from Tadpole. Lyz asked what we were doing for dinner so we started the I don't know, what do you want conversation and finally landed on Chilli's.

I'm not going out to eat anymore. It always ends up being a problem. First it was we called ahead but still waited forever to be seated, watching walk-ins get seated before us until Lyz marched her pregnant self right up there and got us to a table. Then when Jenn placed her order the server said "oh my, the kitchen staff just loves special orders like this, they are going to yell at me". We should have known then that we were going to have fun after that. Jenn's order of course came wrong, not once but twice. Lyz and I fixed her up with some of our fajita fixens. The manager was a total jackass. Then we get our bills. I complained because they charged me for something I didn't get. I got an eyeroll. Then Lyz complained because she was overcharged for something and mr. server man said "oh I'll pay the $1.50 out of my pocket." I honestly have never seen anyone belittled like that. It was absolutely awful. Needless to say, they are going to be getting an email. Grrr.

We headed to GameStop and bought Hell's Kitchen for the Wii. So I must end this now so that I can go play with Jenn!!! It'll be a late night, and totally worth it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

5 more hours then 4 days off!!!

Yeah!!! I'm taking myself a nice long weekend. No, we aren't going anywhere special, nor do we have anything special planned. But it is going to be a celebratory weekend.

Why? Because Jenn goes back to work on Tuesday. We are going to spend those last few days attached at the hip. Drinking in every last moment of this unemployment blessing. This is very bittersweet for both of us. We have really enjoyed the last 6 months. I've enjoyed having Jenn home when I get there. It is very nice to come home and find her waiting for me with a hug and a how was your day?

For her it will be nice to have something to do. I know she is getting bored around the house all day. While she has done lots of stuff with her days and has really loved the opportunity to golf at will, babysit Avery when the last minute need arises, and just do plain old whatever she wants...I know she is ready to get back to work.

The extra income will be nice. It is a little raise from her previous job, but we should be getting more income than we were before as she will get better incentives and their health insurance costs much less.

Yes, it is another banking job. But Jenn says that is okay. She knows banking. She loves working with customers and matching them with the best products that the bank has to suit their needs. She loves to sell, but would never sell someone something that they don't need, or won't make their bank experience better. She is awesome like that.

I'll be quite honest in saying that it is really going to be rough not to have her home everyday when I get there. I have tears in my eyes thinking about it. But I have lots to do. My craft room needs reorganized, our digital photo storage needs a revamp, I can't wait to cook dinner for Jenn again. What scares me is going to doctors appointments without her. She is my rock. I'll very much admit that I am totally dependent upon Jenn. I don't like to be away from her, even for a moment.

I would really enjoy being independently wealthy. I'd keep her home forever. But I know that she will be happy in her new job--it makes her very happy to be the breadwinner!! Everything happens for a reason. She lost her job this Spring so that we could spend lots of time together to help one another grow and strengthen each other. Sometimes we don't know why things are supposed to happen until after it is all done and we've moved on. Sometimes, we never will.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm a cheater.

I have nothing of any substance to say today, so instead I'm answering the following questions that I stole from some blog some where...

1. Where is your cell phone? In my bra.
2. Where is your significant other? at home taking a test
3. Your hair color? brown
4. Your mother? in Michigan
5. Your father? in Ohio (no, they are not divorced, he works in OH)
6. Your favorite thing? bed
7. Your dream last night? some weird one about dna, I blame Jenn watching tv.
8. Your dream/goal? baby
9. The room you’re in? lobby of hotel
10. Your hobby? too many to list
11. Your fear? no baby
12. Where do you want to be in six years? afraid to dream that far ahead
13. Where were you last night? at home
14. What you’re not? skinny
15. One of your wish list items? baby
16. Where you grew up? Dearborn, MI
17. The last thing you did? sneeze
18. What are you wearing? purple cords, pink crocs, navy hotel polo
19. Your T.V.? always on
20. Your pet? the bestest
21. Your computer? old
22. Your mood? odd
23. Missing someone? Blue
24. Your car? foreign
25. Something you’re not wearing? a hat
26. Favorite store? Target
27. Your Summer? working
28. Love someone? with every fiber of my being
29. Your favorite color? PINK!
30. When is the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? yesterday

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I had a work problem this morning and had to cancel my beta. Which is fine with me honestly. I hate that phone call. I know I am not pregnant. Yes, there are women out there who can wait for the beta...not me. I've been peeing on lots of sticks and other than that one perfectly beautiful evap line, I've got nuffin. And I am somehow not freaking out. Yes, we only have one more shot, but all is well. With or without children Jenn and I are going to have a wonderfully happy forever. That is the one thing in this world that I know for certain.

Jenn is waiting for a phone call back from the fertility center for instructions of what to do. I really am hoping that don't still make me come in for the beta. I hate that phone call, really really hate it.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Mingo Monday

On the same trip to Florida that gave me my flamingo tattoo we went to the awesome Daytona Beach Flea Market...I heart that place.

Have I ever mentioned that I am terribly shy? Remind me someday to share with you the cotton candy story. I cannot talk to strangers. Jenn once joked that my parents did a wonderful job of instilling the "Don't Talk to Strangers" rule in me!!

Anywho, back to the flea market. There was this store. This store that I adored. This store full of the most wonderful and tack-ilicious stuff. You know everything is either made out of seashells or made to look like a seashell?? Bright colors everywhere to the point that sunglasses were required??

It was once I secured my sunglasses on my face that I saw him and his cousins. There in the corner of the store was a flock of flamingos carved from driftwood feeling stuff. I ran to him. And then my heart sank. He would cost me $45.00.

Part of the glory of my flamingo collection is that (not counting the tattoo) everything has been relatively inexpensive. $45.00 is not inexpensive. But I had to have the bird. Joni said, why don't you ask Mr. Shop Owner if he'll take less. Jenn and Lyz laughed. Heidi would never do such a thing.

For a flamingo, I'll do anything. I marched up to Mr. Shop Owner and said I have $25.00 for this here bird...and he took it...and I went home and named him Ponce de Leon the flamingo. (We hang out at Ponce de Leon Inlet Beach while in Florida)

Now....Since the above story occur ed, say about 4 years later, Ponce passed on. Jenn blames the cat. Says she was carrying a bag of kitty litter and the cat ran under her feet and she and the kitty litter fell into my darling Ponce, decapitating him. (Interestingly enough this story is very similar to the story of how her cell phone ended up in the toilet...hmmmm) I tried may different techniques of putting Ponce back together, but none worked. I just kept his head on with a rubber band, until eventually he just began to look a little too creepy. Two years ago while at the Flea Market we found another Ponce, and apparently flamingo prices are falling unlike the price of everything else in the world because I only paid $20.00 for the new one, who we have named Ponce de Leon II.

The hat is something my grandma made for me that I thought fit Ponce II perfectly.

Here is Avery standing next to Ponce II to give you an idea of Ponce's height.

Another funny story about Ponce is that to get him home he became my carry-on. I wrapped him in a hugantic pillowcase and carried him right on the plane. His head stuck out so I used it as the carrying handle. We were quite the sight I tell you. (why yes, this was prior to 9/11)

One more thing...My curse is spreading. Once you know me a little, and you know I heart are cursed to always think of me when you see them. Imagine my joy this morning when I sat down to read my blogs and Travelher and Pufferfish took pictures of flamingos just for me!!! Thanks girls!!! It really did make my day :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baby Shower Day!!!!!

Today we threw Lyz a baby shower...a darn fun one if I do say so myself :)

Jenn and I had so much fun shopping for stuff and planning food and decorating! As usual we over bought food...could have fed twice as many people as we had. We did a butterfly theme. Lyz and Chris are not finding out the babies parts until it is we had to do something a little on the neutral side. Yes, butterflies are a bit towards the girl side (not that we really care about gender specific stuff but it is hard to do for a baby shower). But we tried to make the main color a limey green...which is on the top of the list of favorite colors for Lyz.

Lyz had only one request...that we remember her babies in heaven...

We ate cake:

We ate food:

We played games:
(pretend in your head that you see a picture with a bunch of ladies fighting over socks as they try to match them up! Somehow I didn't get any pictures of the games!)

We watched Lyz unwrap gifts:

We watched Chris model his new diaper bag:

And now I have to run because we have a guest spending the night. Can you say SLEEPOVER!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

As usual I am angry

Currently at myself. It's the PIO shots. They are killing me. Starting at about 8pm I become tense and weapy. Once I'm actually in bed laying down on my belly, it just gets worse. I start to bawl. First because I am scared. The needles scare the crap out of me. Jenn won't stick me until I say ready. I start screaming if she comes near me with the alcohol pad.

Then I start crying because I should want these shots. I should be so happy that they exisist so that I can sustain a pregnancy. Why am I such a wuss? Why do I feel that it is right to complain about something that is going to help me get what I want? The other night I called Lyz to talk to me while Jenn did it to try and distract me. Last night I couldn't call her because I didn't want to make a fool out of my bawling and blubbering self.

Then I cry even harder once the needle is in. It hurts. It hurts so much. Then for kicks and giggles it hurts even after it is all done.

All of this, and I am 99.7% sure I am not pregnant. We got ourselves all fooled and excited the other night with the world's prettiest evap line. But, it isn't meant to be yet again.

We will try one more time. It will be the last. Maybe we will try to save up for IVF after that, but for now the financial and emotional burden is too great.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A day in Jenn's life...

So, Wednesday afternoon I get a call at work, it's Jenn. In an odd and weird voice she says "you will never believe what your cat just did." As I was a little busy and didn't want to hear about the weird place the cat puked, I told Jenn I'd call her back.

No, she wasn't puking. She was chasing a mouse around the house.

Here she is after trapping the poor mouse in a box. We have lots of boxes around our house because Igan really likes to sleep in them.

Jenn took a few videos of her adventures.

In the end Jenn did rescue the mouse and released it back into the wild.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Mommy Dearest and little brother Marshall came to visit!!

Yes, this was the beginning of the week, but with all the progesterone stuff I didn't post about it yet!!

They got here Sunday night. I had kinda hoped that my Dad was going to come along too and surprise me, but he has to work on Mondays, so he wasn't able to. We missed you Dad!!

We talked for a bit and then headed to Red Lobster for dinner...mmmm how I heart their biscuits!! We went back to the hotel (one of the perks of working in a hotel is that you can put your family up for free because your boss loves you tons!) and played with the Wii. I had downloaded Dr. Mario to the Wii because of my fond memories of playing it with my family all those years ago when we thought the Nintendo Entertainment System was just the cats meow!! I used to love to play against my mother and drop things on her!!

On Sunday night I do believe that I kicked all their butts!! Jenn, isn't so good at the game. Her moves don't make sense to any of us and we were teasing her a bit about it. At one point Jenn and my mom were playing each other and I said "Jenn, all the sudden your moves are starting to make sense...what's up??" She replied that she was learning and wanted to impress us. After she had beaten my mother, Jenn and Marshall started giggling. Here after they had started Marshall asked Jenn for the wiimote and had been playing for her!!

(ignore the fatness of me lounging on the bed...goodness I look like a slug!)

Monday morning Jenn went to the hotel to pick Marshall up for a game of golf while I waited at the house for the maintenance crew to come install our new patio door. When they hadn't shown up a hour after they were supposed to we called the office to whine and reschedule for another day, I didn't want my Mom sitting in a hotel bored all morning. We went to the hotel dining room for breakfast and then headed out to Kitchen Kettle Village. My Mom loves that place! I joked with her while we were at her favorite store that she doesn't come out here to visit me, she comes so she can go to that store and seeing me is just a requirement since she is here.

We went back to the hotel and played lots of Dr. Mario waiting for Jenn and Marshall to return and then headed to the outlets to find Marshall some new jeans and my Mom a nice winter coat.

We met Lyz, Chris and Avery for dinner at Shady Maple. I tell my Mom all the time how cute and smart and just wonderful Avery is, and afterwards she told me that she really did live up to all my bragging! We had lots of fun, and lots of food--even sitting in the lobby after we were done eating continuing to talk and play.

Headed back to the hotel for more Dr. Mario and to introduce my Mom and Marshall to Wii Fit. I think we sold them on it. I love that thing, I don't use it as much as I should, but I sure do love it. (Except when it reminds me that I am obese.)

Met Mom and Marshall again Tuesday morning to go out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and then had to say our goodbyes...

Thank you for coming out to visit!! I love you both. Dad, come see me soon! I miss your awesome hugs!! Love you too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election results followed by My fear of needles.

I was touched last night when an African-American gentleman said that "Now I can look my children in the eye and tell them that yes, they can be anything they want to be."

I heard it again this morning and I realize that statement is wrong. What if one of his children is gay? Then they can't be the one thing I want to be...married (and no, I don't really care what they call it, marriage should be something a church offers you, find a new word for the way the government to recognize as "marriage") . I hope that one of the changes our new President-to-be brings, is a way for me to be able to visit Jenn in the hospital, without bringing my huge folder of legal mumbo-jumbo with me.

This morning Jenn and I hopped in the car to go learn how to give me the PIO-Progesterone-In-Oil (did you know the oil is sesame oil...I didn't) injections. We got a bit down the block and realized it would be quite smart if we drove back home and grabbed the bag of drugs and needles and brought them with us!!

What We Learned Today:
1-My progesterone was 14.7. I was just a hair short of getting away without the PIO, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
2-I still have to do the suppositories...eww.
3-As Sue (the lab manager/nurse) pulled my needles out of my bag I gasped at how long they were...her response "Hmmmm, these aren't as long as they are supposed to be." Ekke.
4-I now have to blue circles on my buns, to give Jenn target practice for the first few injections.
5-Putting the needle in didn't hurt as bad as I had been imagining.
6-Jenn has to use both thumbs to inject the PIO into me.
7-The above hurts a bit...still not as bad as I thought it would.
8-Taking the needle out hurt a bit, because Jenn was used to much shorter needles.
9-We are going to need to empty our sharps container soon.
10-It hurts more after the shot is done.
11-I should be looking forward to some spectacular bruising...and yes, I will be sharing pictures.

I think the other realization that I came to this morning is that I am really bothered that the one thing I could do, and do well, has now failed. I don't ovulate on my own. I don't have regular cycles. I don't keep babies in for their prescribed 40 weeks. But my progesterone has always been stellar. Not anymore. I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please vote...and then tell me that progesterone shots don't hurt!!

Vote. I'm not all major political, and I am not going to express my political opinions here in the blog (although I'm sure you could figure them out on your own, or check the twitter lol). But vote. Just do it. Pick someone to vote for because you believe in them, and you think they will make our country a better place.

And...this morning I had my progesterone and ovary check. Passed the ovary check, doctor said nothing promising or negative. We came home I figured that was that.

Remember how excited I was to be done with shots? I've NEVER had a progesterone problem. Never. So, of course now I do. I have to go pick up my prescription for progesterone shots, and go tomorrow morning to get lessons for Jenn to shoot me in the rear.

Yipee. Tell me it doesn't hurt please. Even if you have to lie.

(ps, for the last two days I have been all gaggy and my boobs have been beyond sore. Here I've been blaming it on all the progesterone running through my system. Yet, I have low progesterone?? Weird.)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mingo Monday

Since I was oh, 14 or so, I wanted a tattoo. For the longest time I wanted a crescent moon and star--no real reason for it, one of those flash in the pan tattoo ideas.

As I got older the flamingos really began to take over my world. People all over the country can't see a flamingo without thinking of me. (thanks to message boards, I do actually know people all over the world.)

In August of 2001, Jenn, Lyz and I went to visit Lyz's mommy Joni who was living in Florida at the time. While we were there, someone, probably Jenn, mentioned we should all get tattoos together. Joni thought the idea was amazing...she was kinda in the middle of a rebirth of herself, and thought that getting a tattoo would be perfect for her "new" life.

So, off we went. Lyz got a lobster (cause He's Her Lobster!!! What, you weren't a loyal friends watcher like Lyz and I??) Joni chose a beautiful butterfly. Jenn settled on a ying-yang sun thing, and then later grew to love it and realized that it really was her.

I was the foot dragger. Me, who had wanted a tattoo for years. But, peer pressure got the best of me...also known as they made me go first so that I wouldn't (couldn't??) back out!

So...betcha can't guess what I got can you?? Yeppers, a pink flamingo. I hated it for months afterwords. Couldn't believe that I had a pink flamingo permanently inked into my skin. Over the course of the winter, my dear bird was always covered up, and I kinda forgot she was there. Come spring, and crops and skirts, she resurfaced, and I loved her. While she isn't the perfect flamingo I had envisioned when I signed up for the tattoo, she is me. She's a little crooked, fading in areas, and perfectly pink. I heart her.

Here's her picture...

...pardon the poor lighting, my flannel sheets in the background, and the slight stubble....she's on my right ankle, and well, it's winter, I'm not a daily shaver kinda girl in the winter.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Friendly Hotel Front Desk Clerk Strikes Again the end of October every year there is a conference across the street at Ye Ole Convention Center. Thousands of people, with the average age of 74 flock, from states around to come play Bridge.

FHFDC asks for your forgiveness as a lot of what she is about to say is stereotyping, but in her 10+ years of service as a FHFDC she has come to find that the stereotype fits the crime.

Dear Bridge Players,

1-If FHFDC is on the phone, no matter how loud you tap your fingers on the desk, hurmph loudly or yell "I'm trying to get checked in here", FHFDC will not speed up. In fact FHFDC might go a little slower. Oh I'm sorry person who I am taking the reservation from, I must have entered your credit card number wrong...can you repeat it? Slowly?

2-The hotel is offering a shuttle bus (aka fancy Mercedes that belongs to the owner) as a courtesy to you. We don't want you to fall half way across Busy Highway and break your brittle bones. Therefore, please forgive FHS (Friendly Hotel Staff--FHFDC hates driving, therefore has never set foot in the shuttle bus, not even in an emergency) when they have to pause, run inside and use the restroom, and run back out to the shuttle bus in less than three minutes. The game doesn't start until 1pm, and it is only 11:45am. And, if you begin to scream and holler at FHFDC and tell her that FHS is a moron, please expect nothing less than an eyeroll followed by the phrase "I'm sorry ma'am, when nature calls..."

3-There is nothing FHFDC can do about this:

Every fall they flock to our county and fling themselves on the warm bricks that happen to be facing the sun. The only way to get rid of them is to cut down all the trees they live in. For a 10 mile radius. We here in AmishLand happen to like our trees and refuse to cut them down. FHFDC doesn't like the fact that everytime she opens Hotel Front Door, four of them fly at her. FHFDC also has to hold in a laugh when you start screaming about the cockroaches in your room. Seriously, if you can't tell the difference between a cockroach and a box elder don't deserve to complain.

4-You are rude. FHFDC cries when the end of October rolls around because she knows you are coming. FHFDC fears you. No matter how nice, sweet, kind, full of wonderful customer service FHFDC still complain. FHFDC normally tries to hurry herself along to get you out of the lobby (unless you are being rude and begin to complain that FHFDC is too slow, in which case FHFDC will try to prove you right, because well, the customer is always right, right?) because FHFDC wants to deal with you as little as possible.

5-Last, but not least, ONE person in front of you does not constitute a line to long for you to wait in. It takes FHFDC, on average, 2.5 minutes to check someone out, and that includes making small talk, thanking you for staying, and inviting you back again. Have just one ounce of patience, and we will all get along better.

Friendly Hotel Front Desk Clerk

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Sucks...then it gets better :)

It will be a long post, as it is both my emotional feelings from yesterday, and bragging about the fun I eventually had :)

It took me alllllll day to drag my buns out of bed. It started around 6am with the alarm clock. The crying that is. Jenn couldn't watch me sob while I pulled my pants on and called me off of work. (Sorry Rodney and Matt). I proceeded to snuggle myself under the covers praying that they would save me from my broken heart. Didn't work. After an odd theory from Jenn involving people who like venison must also like mince meat (the theory failed) Lyz called to say "get your buns over here and carve pumpkins!" I begrudgingly agreed.

You see, a year ago I was skipping around the house in pj bottoms making a pot of baked potato soup and answering the doorbell until Jenn got home from work. In between stirring the pot, cooing over princesses and fake eeekkking at ghosts, I'd sit on the couch with my laptop. I perused various websites trying to find newborn Halloween costumes at post holiday savings. Thankfully I never bought one. If I had, I think it would have made yesterday a little harder knowing that a peepod, or flamingo, or chili pepper or something was missing. Nah, that couldn't have made it any harder, our sweet little boy was missing, and that is hard enough.

Anyway...I did have fun. I complain a lot that I am forced to "live for everyone else". I think it hit me (in the middle of a conversation about peanut butter sandwiches) that I need that. I need to be brought out in public and forced to act human. If I am forced to put the smile on my face, sometimes it becomes real.

Our evening started with pumpkin carving. **A reminder to self when we do have kids, don't bother asking Jenn to scoop guts.** She hates it. So we made a deal, she cuts off the lids, I scoop guts. The guts don't bother me all too much. I find it oddly refreshing to scoop out the seeds and stringy bits making the palate for a future jack-o-lantern. I got all Martha Stewart (as usual) and made a polka-dotted jack-o-lantern. Jenn made a ghost holding a candelabra, Avery's was a cat, Lyz made a silly face, and Chris made the grim reaper.

In the dark (Mine is to the left of Jenn's ghost--hard to see in the dark)

In the light:

(doesn't Chris make a beautiful fall arrangement?)

Once all the pumpkins were gutted Chris wondered allowed what pumpkin guts taste like..."Hey Jenn...would you drink it?" "Only if you add sugar"

Chris making his concoction:

Jenn drinking it:

Apparently there wasn't enough sugar as it was immediately spit into the sink:

Avery was a dinosaur (this picture is of her stomping):

She made it to about 7 houses before she was done...we carried her for a bit:

And then she was completely done. Until I had a brilliant idea. I said to her...what if we are too late, and the next house is out of candy? She looked up at me and said, well then we better hurry. We ran (well, I walked fast) to the next few houses. Our conversations along the way was "I wonder what will be at the next house??" It started normal, chocolate, Twizzlers, gum....then we got a bit more cream, cupcakes, peanut butter sandwiches. Imagine, if you will, the miserly old lady that hates giving out candy, but only does it to avoid egging. She puts a package of three Whoppers into Avery's bag who then looks up at me and says "well that isn't a cupcake". Priceless.

She also didn't seem to grasp the concept of take one. If she was told to take one, she took two. Take one of each=take two of each. But when told to take as much as she wanted because she is just too darn cute, she of course only took one. Silly girl.

Now, you've been reading here long enough to know that we are trouble makers. It is all fun and games until Jenn has to go and get arrested.

The police came: (you can see Jenn's pumpkin costume here)

Jenn beat up the police officer:

Then she got put in the back of the cruiser:

We plead sugar high, and the nice officer let her off.

On, and my costume? I wore a flamingo skirt (not a poodle skirt):