Monday, March 10, 2008

Weather Woes

Saturday night I head home from work amongst sun and blue skies. I think to myself "what a beautiful night it is going to be." Get home and whine to Jenn that someone is grilling outside and it smells simply delicious! Walk upstairs to change into my pjs and hear this strange a train running through the back yard and then "fwhoomp". You know that sound that the power makes when it goes out and won't be back on for awhile? The fwhoomp is followed by serious whining from Jenn. The wind outside had gone from zero to flying lawn chairs in 2 seconds flat. I went outside just to see the sky and was whacked in the stomach by a piece of flying roof shingle. My hoodie hood went flying back with such force that it caused me to choke a little. I could barely stand in place--picture a V-8 commercial.

Jenn was in total freak out mode. She hates bad weather. Hates may not actually be a strong enough word. The emergency power outage box is sitting on the coffee table as I walk back inside. (Someday I'm going to share all of Jenn's emergency boxes with you, they are fun!!) Candles are lit, flashlights are tested and I begin to whine. See, power outages are the only times I can get her to sit still long enough to play my favorite games. She's always up for regular card games, poker, rummy etc. But ask her to play Uno or Life and she melts away.

Several games of Uno later we realized that our fingers were too cold to hold the cards anymore (we had long ago given up on telling the difference between blue and green by candlelight). I keep our heat at 58 degrees. Just warm enough that I know the pets won't become pet-cicles. Jenn whines she's cold, I throw another blanket at her. Well, when you have no power for several hours, that 58 degrees falls quickly. It got down to 46 in our house. Outside it was 42. We quit game playing and ran for the bed with two comforters to keep us warm. Needless to say about 8 minutes after crawling into be the power came back on. I could have kept playing Uno!!!!!!

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