Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Hero the Assistant Coach!!

Tonight was Jenn's first softball game of the season! (she actually missed the real first game 'cause it was last Thursday...which was a bad day for us)

First they prepped the field:

Elissa and Belle


Then they pumped up the team!!

Jenn coached at first base

And Jenn's #1 Fan joined us!

They didn't win, but they had a wonderful time and the team was awesome at cheering each other on. It is so amazing to watch the changes from last year to this year. They are a wonderful bunch of girls and Jenn loves every moment that she spends with them!


JamieD said...

I love to watch little kids play sports. There was a field by my old house and I used to watch the little ones play t-ball. It was great - as soon as the ball was hit, EVERYONE started to run. It was mass chaos - little kids running everywhere, adults chasing them trying to get them to run in the right direction. It was great!

B said...

You know I liked the pic of that chunky little girl. I want one like that. : ) Looks like loads of fun for Jenn, and I know you enjoy watching her with the kids. Wont be long until she's coaching your kid at softball or baseball!