Monday, June 30, 2008

I love the weekends!

Saturday (well I worked of course...) we went to the fireworks that one of the outlet malls by my work puts on. This is first 4th of July tradition that Jenn and I started ourselves. We always spend a night with Elissa and family at their house, and with Lyz and family at Chris's family's farm... the night at Rockvale Square is ours. Lyz, Chris, Avery, Joni and Dennis (Lyz's mom and boyfriend) were able to join us this year (Elissa and family had other plans) and we had fun. Part of our tradition is getting dinner and having a picnic.

I will admit getting a little teary, as I remember having the conversation with Jenn that we would be missing fireworks this year. I mean who wants to drag a poor two week old out to the loud fireworks??

Avery was so sweet when the fireworks started!! We weren't expecting them and she just shook her whole little body, but within two or three blasts she was giggling and enjoying the view!

Joni and Dennis:


Fireworks:(I call this one Fertilization, it looks like a bunch of swimmers heading towards an egg...a sign maybe???)

Lyz, Avery and I watching the fireworks:

(I do have one comment. You should always turn off your car alarm before fireworks. Lyz and I were very VERY angry at this one was driving us bonkers and ruining the ambiance.)

Sunday of course was IUI day. I admit to being quite afraid to go. I'm scared to death to be pregnant again. I will not enjoy it. I don't mean that, of course I will enjoy it, but I will spend the entire time absolutely scared out of my mind. So I was a bit of a bear to get out of the house--Sorry Jenn! But, totally worth it, especially if we are pregnant. We changed type of specimens from ICI to IUI and are totally pleased with the results. With an ICI specimen we were averaging around 5 million 13 MILLION!!! It's actually quite gross to me, but awesome that it will help up our chances. Not that I need help getting pregnant, obviously that works, I just need help keeping it.

We went to breakfast afterwards, and by the time we left breakfast I started ovulating. I could barely stand up straight. This makes me very happy as this way I know we have timed it right. But man does it hurt!! I could barely stand up straight!! A quick nap and all was well!

Today (I'm extending the weekend here) Jenn went with Chris and Avery to the driving range in the morning so that Chris could give Jenn some pointers. You see Jenn did well enough last week, that she has been invited back. She is thrilled!!! So excited to be invited back with "the guys" to go golfing. I'm so very proud of her. It really makes me happy that she enjoys golfing.

It's weird, but now that she is unemployed and her stress level has been taken down several notches, I've got my old Jenn back. The Jenn before we lost Blue and depression took over. Yes, she got help, but I can see how much of a role her horrible job played into her depression. I know people think its really odd when I say it, but her being unemployed is really the best thing that could have happened.

Anywho, back to golf. Chris semi-made fun of her wearing tennis shoes, and using a batting glove while they were golfing last week. So, I gave her permission to go out and buy some new golfing gear. Yes, I'm weird, but her golfing just makes me so happy. It'll be fun next year (hopefully) for mothers day to get her a few new clubs, or SpongeBob balls. It's perfect, like the little dreams I had in my head of my future spouse!!

I'll pause here to explain why I'm writing all over the place. Today at work, by sitting down of all things, I totally jarred my back. I can barely move, so I've taken some drugs and when I do that I become hyper and can't think straight, so I start wandering, and apparently I'm over wandering right now. Sorry!!!

K, back to Jenn. So we went out after I got home from work to the Nike outlet (god bless the outlets) and for less than $75.00 we got her a new pair of golf shoes, a new golf shirt, a visor, and a golf glove (do you know how hard it is to find golfing stuff for someone who is left handed???) She is so very proud of herself. I can't even begin to explain how excited she is to go golfing!

After that we went to dinner at Isaac's which is one of my favorite places it eat. I mean the place is decorated in flamingos!!! I ate three bowls of their pickled veggies. I heart them. Here I am 1dpo and Jenn has decided that by eating three bowls of pickles I just have to be pregnant!

After dinner we went to the driving range again, Jenn wanted me to hit a few (I think so she could laugh at me.) With my back being the way it was I only hit two. She did really really well!! I was proud of her. She just can't stop talking about the golfing. I love to see her so excited about something.

Pictures, of course.

Me: (please note that the ball is still on the tee. I missed it.

Jenn: (I'll post a video too, cause I'm a dork like that, and oh so proud of her)

So, here I sit at 1dpo....waiting for 13 more. There's not a pregnancy test in the house. Don't know how long that will last.


Anonymous said...

Well, we are in the hell of the tww together! You are lucky to know exactly when you are ovulating-- I have some sensation, but I think mine actually comes before I ovulate. I wish there was a little button that popped up or something (like on a turkey); that way, there would be no doubt. Anyway, here's to a sane (well, relatively at least) two weeks with pregnancies at the end!

B said...

I'm glad Jenn has found something that makes her so happy. Even when she goes back to work, this may be the stress outlet she was looking for. I hope for sponge bob golf balls for mothers day for her, and lots of pickles in the next 9 months for you.

JamieD said...

Yeah!!!! What exciting, awesome update from your IUI!! I hope the 2WW passes quickly for you!

I like to go golf with Hubby even though I am terrible at it. I will usually tee off, then pick my ball up in the golf cart and drive it to the green then putt it in. Having fun is all that matters, though, right?!?

j.k-c. said...

Fingers crossed for you!