Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SOooooo Freakin Hot!!

Seriously, if it hasn't been 100+ outside, it's been thundering and we've been powerless. So I've got a lot to catch you up on. I would have been caught up with ya'll sooner...but with the sweat in my eyes, or the LACK OF POWER (can you tell that bugs me a bit??) I haven't been able to.

Sunday afternoon we came up with the brilliant idea to stuff ourselves inside an un-air-conditioned tent with a gazillion other people to see a circus that had stumbled into town. HOT. Oh my Thankfully it was very entertaining, so we didn't notice how HOT it was all the time.

Some highlights:

Motorcycles crashing in a ball.

Lyz, managing to look perfect despite the sweltering heat, and Chris...who survived only with the help of one of those battery operated fans.

ELEPHANTS!!!!!!!!! (As we walked in they were giving elephant rides and I giggled and Lyz asked me what I was thinking. I said "Here I was worried that the elephants were hot, but they are from Africa!" Chris turned around and reminded me that these poor elephants have probably never seen the wonders of sad. And yet I paid to watch them get exploited.)

Jenn's favorite part was the dog and pony show.

My favorite part was watching Avery take it all in. She was sitting on my lap during the flying trapeze part, and when her eyes opened wide and her mouth made the big surprised "O" shape I cried (happy tears)! I cannot wait to watch our children be amazed by new sights.

Monday night we played third parents for Elissa (three kids and two parents and a bunch of sports doesn't always work out well.) We picked up Belle and took her to Field Hockey practice. It was again so very hot, over 100, and this time there wasn't a tent to protect us from the sun. It was so cute to watch though!!! There were several different age groups and the kids were so very interested in learning the skills. More pictures!

Weaving her way through the obstacle course.


Tuesday night we were home enjoying a peaceful evening (aka, sweating our buns off even though we were inside in the air conditioning) when BAM thunder bolts and lightening very very frightening me.... (keep singing it, you know you want to). All the power shut off....

...except for the clock radio. It had been off, but apparently it wanted to sing for us. I opened it up and checked, there were no batteries. Freaaaaaaaaky.

Still waiting of Aunt Florence...made the call to the fertility center today to get the drugs to drag her out with...sigh.


B said...

K would have mentioned that the animals were being exploited too...but..she wouldn't have gone. I used to love the circus. It looks like a good time..sorry bout the no power thing. I would die. I cannot stand to be hot (indoors..i'm okay with it being hot outdoors) totally freaks me out.

JamieD said...

Wow!! Face painting wasn't anything like that when I was kid. That is awesome!!

baby~amore' said...

I'm here from NaComLeavCom
those pictures sure look like fun.

wishing you strength, resilience and hope as you TTC another cycle and wait for AF - the only time we want her is when we need to start
a new cycle and she goes AWOL

It is cold here in Australia now but no snow where we are.

My Little Drummer boys
warm regards

Anonymous said...

I would love to see my pugs riding a pony (especially a mini pony). Here's hoping you are a bit cooler now and that fucking Aunt Fran shows up already!

starsgoblue said...

It's really hot where I live too. Hope it cools off soon. The circus looks like fun! Cute pictures!

Pepper said...

Sorry to hear about the extreeeeme heat. That sounds miserable. I'm glad you managed to have a good time in spite of it all, though!

Visiting from NCLM

Kim said...

I love the circus too! And I worry about the animals there - and in zoos and aquariums. But then I figure they have not predators and do not have to worry about food or the elements. NCLM