Friday, October 3, 2008

And, have I ever mentioned how Jenn and I are SOOOOO meant for each other?


Want an example? What o you think of when I mention the following chore: grocery shopping.

A chore? A bore? A snore?? (I am totally laughing at myself right now)

Not for Jenn and I. We LOVE grocery shopping. Sunday afternoons in our house involve pouring over the different grocery store ads and comparing prices with coupons. Its one of our favorite games.

{Pause for my nightly Lupron injection}

We have become bored with our local stores. Last year we were watching some food network special about grocery stores and they taught us about Wegmans. Guess where we headed off to that weekend. You betcha (I did that in my best Palin impression)...Wegmans. Yes, we drove approximately one hour to get there, but we loved every minute of it.

I have mentioned before that I am a big Martha Stewart fan. We hear her brag about Whole Foods all the time. And on a message board I belong to there are constantly conversations about what you shouldn't miss at Trader Joes. A quick Google/Mapquest search showed us that about an hour and a half away within 9 miles of each other are a Whole Foods and a Trader Joes.

Can you say Field Trip!!

We got up yesterday morning and Jenn packed. Yes...packed.

I mean, we're gonna be a long way away from home, and going to two grocery stores...gotta be food safe!!

Then we headed out. Oh My Word. You so need to go on a road trip with us. We are so much fun! I won't bore you with those details, since I'm about to bore you with grocery shopping details.


We were really heading here to get lots of organic goodies. We both had a big laugh upon seeing this as the first sign:

See, we drove all this way...and their organic apples are from our home town??

I found true happiness in the form of an entire case of hummus. At our local grocery store, we have two choices. Two. Pathetic.

Jenn enjoyed touching fish eyes.

But she enjoyed the tater skins more:

And I'm such a dork, I even took a picture of us checking out:

We give Whole Foods two glorious thumbs up!!!!

Then we headed to:

We weren't as impressed with Trader Joe's.

Jenn really enjoyed the meat department:

I'm not kidding, she looked at them all for at least 20 minutes. All the different types of meats, and prepared meats and...and....

We weren't as impressed with Trader Joes...but we still somehow managed to buy tons of stuff!! (Lots of organic burritos for my lunches!!)

It took us forever to get home..due to us trying to find a new and different way home. On the way home Chris called to see if we wanted to join him and Avery at the fair!

Just a couple of pictures:

Jenn throwing a ball 57 mph.

Chris and Avery on the Carousel.

And you have to check out this smile:


Lizzie said...

Sounds like a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

I love grocery shopping too! I miss TJs a whole lot - they don't have them anywhere near us. But we do have WF which I love to hate (SO expensive, but SO wonderful!).

tbean said...

seriously--you crack me the hell up!

Anonymous said...

whole foods and I are bffs. We don't have a tjs, but I've heard great stuff about it. We have 2 whole foods within 10 miles! You should visit and I'll take you to central market! You'll love it!

Kirsten :)

Chris said...

What an awesome road trip! I love it!

Anonymous said...

You just said the magic word: Wegmans. I grew up in Mew York and Wegmans was our local grocery store. I sued to laugh when people would come in from out of town and want to go there, but now I do the same thing. I wish we had one here!! They actually have a tea bar inside the middle of the store at the Wegmans in the city where I went to college. Why can't they come to MA!?!

I'm glad you both had such a great time!