Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Avery!!

What does a little three year old need more than anything else in the world???

Why three birthday parties of course!!


Jenn went with to this one (I was stuck at work) and they had fun winning lots and lots of tickets for Avery.

We got her olives (she really likes to stick them on all her fingers and then eat them--it makes Olive Garden her favorite place to eat)

This party was for the kids (and the Jenn's, Chris's and Delmar's out there)

#2-The big family party
We both got to go to this one, and had lots of fun. Avery is big into dinosaurs right now.

The whole family (Including tadpole in Lyz's belly)

#3-Chocolate World, Red Robin, a third cake
We got to go today to Chocolate World at Hershey Park followed by Red Robin.(or the code phrase of CW at HP followed by RR)
Jenn and Avery at Chocolate World:

Avery and I on the Chocolate Tour:

The 3rd Cake:

Me and Avery playing with one of her new toys:

Happy Birthday to my favorite three year old. You brighten my day, make me smile, and your hugs are better than gold!!


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