Monday, October 27, 2008

Mingo Monday

For our next show and tell I offer you a picture of the picture that started the obsession into full swing. After Aunt Kari gave me 50 flamingos it was often joked about that I love flamingos, but nothing was ever done about it. I didn't buy them by the dozens, and other people didn't come back from where ever they vacationed with flamingo knicknacks for me. I didn't get a minimum of 4 flamingos for every birthday like I do now.

One Saturday, in lets say in the Summer of 1998, Lyz and Chris called us after a busy day of garage saleing to see if we were home...they had the garage sale find to beat all garage sale finds and just had to show it to us.

To be honest, I was a little sad. Working in the hotel industry=working on weekends. There are very few Saturdays that I get to have off to be able to go garage saleing. I was jealous. The mean green monster flared in my eyes. I spent the next 20 minutes imagining what wonderful object they were going to bring up my stairs.

This is what they brought:

It is a 3feet by 4feet original chalk drawing of a flamingo. What makes it even more fantabulous is the gaudy gold frame. It is simply perfect. It started the collection of flamingos, which became our bathroom decor for several months...months you ask?? It quickly outgrew the bathroom.

Thank you Lyz and Chris for starting the collection. I'm not sure Jenn thanks you as much, but I sure do!!

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