Friday, October 17, 2008


U.T.E.R.U.S is an effort to help raise money for those who are trying to build their families but are stalled due to financial reasons. There are several ways to participate - purchase donated items on ebay, shop for items on Etsy, or purchase L.ia Sophia jewelry here. Don't feel like shopping? You can hop over to Mel's site look for the U.T.E.R.U.S logo and click on "DONATE" to donate any monetary amount through PayPal.

What is the big news you ask? An anonymous donor has offered to match any donation be it through ebay, Etsy, L.ia Sophia or PayPay DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR. Giving $5 is really like giving $10, giving $20 is like giving $40 and giving . . . well, you get the idea.

Want to know more about the people being helped by U.T.E.R.U.S? Read their stories here.

And let me tell you.....the skein of pomegranate yarn on Etsy...if you want it buy it now, I plan on asking Jenn tonight if it can come home to us!!

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