Friday, November 28, 2008

A recap of our day after Wednesday

I tell you what, for the most part, my friends are wonderful. I only got a couple of texts wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. Most of the texts or calls I got were to wish me a Happy Thursday or Happy Day after Wednesday!

My boss spent 20 minutes yelling at me that I would not come join his family for Thanksgiving. Nope.
Not thankful enough.
Just come eat free food then.
I'm boycotting all related items today.
Fine, then I am feeling a little grr at you right now.

So I left work and went home to pick Jenn up and we headed to......

Ruby Tuesdays!!!

Mmmmmm salad... (Kim, please note the addition of sunflower seeds just for you)

And...because we felt like it and because they tasted darn good...
mmmmm Margaritas!!!

The three flavors are Strawberry, Regular and oh so appropriately Blue!!

After dinner we headed to KMart to look at their selection of Christmas lawn decor. I really wanted to add a hannahunt (you might know that as an cousin Kevin used to call them hannahunts and that has stuck in my head), and holy crap, they had one! was $79.00 and I'd much rather wait until after Christmas and get it on super sale!! So...there will be a bare spot on our lawn until 12/26.

We did however find lots of other good deals...a great gift for Avery that was half off....and um, can't think of what else we bought?? Hmm, I blame the margaritas!

Then we headed to the gas station to get gas, and SLUSHIES!!! And headed home for a Dr. Mario tournament...which I won.

All in all we had an absolutley wonderful day after Wednesday. I hope all of yours were wonderful, or as good as they could have been, or how ever you wanted them to be!!

love and hugs!


JamieD said...

Nothing says "Day After Wednesday" like a margarita!

I love it!!

Kim said...

Thanks for the seeds!

M and I got a kick out the "meanie" comment you left us. :o)

S. said...

i've had margaritas on my mind too! what an excellent idea -- im going to work on making that happen tomorrow! :)

S. said...

michaels has lighted outdoor elephants on sale right now - thought of you while shopping today! i think they were originally $59 - on sale for $29