Monday, December 1, 2008

Mingo Monday

I love Build-A-Bear. Why yes, I am 31 years old. We used to go all the time with Annabelle. We even made the horsey one to be buried with Jenn's cousin Jenna when she passed away from cystic fibrosis. I have given each one to my mom (a koala), my dad (a frog) and my brother (a bear).

One day while there I mused that I was sad that they didn't have a flamingo. I had signed up for their email updates (I sign up for everyone's email updates, you never know when they are gonna offer a great coupon deal!!) and one day they sent me the email of my dreams.

Build-A-Bear was bringing out a pink flamingo.

We were there the first day it was offered. I was so excited. The employees got a kick out of me! I had to dress her so I got a scrapbooking outfit. She now sits on my craft table and watches over me while I work. She has gone to every crop (when a bunch of scrapbookers get together and work on their scrapbooks over m&ms and gossip) since I got her...even on an overnight crop in Maryland!

a close up of her outfit:


N said...

How cute.

I love B-A-B. I make them for everybody. When my grandmother was ill with Cancer, and I couldn't come up more than once a month or so, I made her one with my voice recorded in it.

halfadozen said...

I love BAB too... I never saw that gerat scrapbook outfit-- hilarious!!! I love any excuse to take my neice there...

B said...

Very cute! I can't say i've ever wanted to do that, but I think K likes it. She would also love to go paint pottery. I will add these to our "to do" list for this year. This will be the year to have fun, and stop putting our lives on hold.

S. said...

'k, three things - (and as for #2 &3, sorry to be posting them here, i didn't know how to email you directly):

1. the pink flamingo build-a-bear is totally adorable;

2. you're totally on my blogroll/sidebar! you are right though, you have been a gold-star blogger, i should have given you a pass from my finger wagging; and

3. ice water?! really? that is so healthy! i'll have to try transfering my addiction to that when we start ttc again!


Rachel said...

My daughter loves B.a.B too. She had a birthday party there a few years ago.
I stumbled upon you a little while ago. So sorry for your losses. I have 3 little angels waiting for me in heaven. You never forget, and I think that's ok.
I hope you are healing well, and that there is a happy, healthy baby in your future.

eggdance said...

cute! i must admit that I have been tempted to go to a scrapbooking event, but I lost my nerve-- once again, it is too bad that we are not neighbors!

JamieD said...

I love it! Especially her little apron and scrapbooking tools!