Monday, December 22, 2008

Mingo Monday

The real thing. Yes...I've met the real thing many a time--see here--me, flamingos, together!

Today's pictures are brought to you by Shamu...or Sea World. It is Jenn's favorite park to go to when we are in Florida. I like the mingos. I do not like feeding the dolphins. They creep me the heck out. (The creepiness was made worse the Jenn got some weird disease from touching the dolphins...only Jenn could do that you know!) I do like the stingrays. They are fun (weird) to feed!!

Did you know that they take the flamingos out for walks? I didn't either until we happened upon a bunch of chicks taking a stroll with some of the workers!! They were so cute and curious!!!!!

More pictures...just because I can!

(I've got Florida on my mind...February 7th won't get here fast enough)


Mrs. Spit said...

My facebook pic is a flamingo from sea world in CA. Love the living ones.

B said...

Wow, they really are pretty aren't they? Why are some of them pink, and not the others? Is it because the non pink ones are babies? February 7th is going to be an awesome day.

Rachel said...

We have a yearly fundraiser here for the American Cancer Society...there's a flock of yard flamingos that gets placed on someone's lawn. To remove them, you have to donate to the ACS, and in doing so, you can choose the next lawn they go to. It's a riot every year, people trying to guess who where they will go next, or who put them there.

Anonymous said...

what beautiful pictures!! its crazy they can take the flamingos out for a stroll & it doesn't just turn in to chaos!

Anonymous said...

Such amazing birds-- I really do love them... Their colour, the way they stand, how they bob their heads when they eat... And I don't even have a mingo fetish!

JamieD said...

What awesome pics! I never knew flamingos went on walks. You learn something new every day!!