Monday, January 12, 2009

Mingo Monday

Are you saving up your pennies?

Do you want or need the a fun and cute mingorific way to start saving?

Have I got the perfect product for you!!

This beautiful mingo-bank was a gift from my friend Felicia. It came from this awesome catalog called What On Earth? It is a very fun catalog. Did you know that I collect catalogs too?? I collect lots of things, but the mingo collection is of course my favorite!

I'm saving up my pennies for Florida!! It is less than a month away YeeHaw!!!


Mrs. Spit said...

Very cute. . . .

Anonymous said...

I thought of you this morning - I drove past a nearby leadlight studio and they had TWO flamingos in the window.

JamieD said...

I saw the BEST flamingos while we were in Florida. I thought of you the whole time!!