Thursday, February 12, 2009


So...I'm not doing a very good job of making sure pictures are taken of me. I keep saying "Make sure we take pictures of me", but then I get all involved with sunning myself in my comfy chair. Or splashing in the waves. Oh wait, Chris took a picture of me, but it is on his camera. I wouldn't share it anyway because it is a picture of my cleavage. Weirdo.

Sigh, beach.

Today Jenn and Avery spent a long time doing their favorite activity at the beach...wave jumping. I took a video while they were in rather shallow...until Jenn freaked out when she saw another sting ray. Usually Avery makes them go out much deeper. If Avery isn't at the beach...Jenn doesn't get in the water, she is afraid that a shark will get her. I'll give her credit, most of the shark attacks you hear about in Florida are less than 5 miles from our beach.
Video of Jenn and Avery wave jumping:

We also attempted to get Delaney in the ocean...she wanted no part of it.

We fed the birds some more today, can't you hear them saying "mine mine mine mine mine:?:

The problem with feeding the birds is that they start to fly overhead in large flocks. Then one of them will surely poop on you, or in this case, Joni:

Tonight we went to dinner at the infamous Chinese buffet. It is infamous because once upon a time we (Lyz, Chris, Jenn, Lyz's aunt, and I) got into a rather large, rather stupid fight.

When we got back to the hotel tonight Jenn met another friend. The frog. She will be trying to catch one of these now too I'm sure.

Tomorrows plan is to head the the flea market. We heart the flea market!!!

For Mrs. Spit. We don't know for 100% certainty that what Jenn has is sun poisoning. We used to blame it on the fact that Jenn was on both the Depo shot and taking birth control pills. Last January she had an ablation(sp?) so she no longer takes either pill. We were so excited last year in Florida when she didn't get the friendly rash. But it is back this year again. We think it might be an allergic reaction to a mix of the ocean water and sunblock...but we don't really know. I do have those of you who aren't interested in what Jenn's weird rash looks like, please stop reading here.
Her hand:

Her foot:

Her leg:


B said...

I'm with Jenn, there are sharks out there!!! Looks fun though. Has the rash gone away yet? Have you tried benadryl cream?

Tara said...

I got a similiar rash last year on the middle of my right lebg when I went to FL. Maybe it's an allergic reaction to FL??? Just kidding. Wouldn't stop me from going back there though. When do you guys get back?

Tara said...

That should have been leg, not lebg. What a goober.

JamieD said...

The same thing always happens to me. Once the picture taker, always the picture taker. Someday, I'll get in front of the camera!