Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Field Trip-Lancaster Science Factory

Since Jenn and I do not have children of our own, we have taken to "using" other peoples children. We borrow Avery when we have some fun new place we want to try out, but would look weird without bringing children with us. After our trip to the Hands on House a few weeks ago I asked when we were going to the Lancaster Science Factory. Yesterday was the day. Chris had off work too so he was able to join us this time.

It is rather hard to tell who had more fun, the four adults, or the 3 year old. I'm leaning towards the four adults.

Jenn and Lyz went straight for the K'NEX exhibit:

Chris had a blast with the black hole:

And I finally found a way to take a picture of myself. One picture, but lots of me!!:

Avery loved everything. I think everyone's favorite part was the parachute launcher. You shoved a plastic man attached to a parachute into a tube and he came flying out the top falling gracefully. Chris would like to build one in their house.

We also enjoyed the magnifying glass thing. Did you ever wonder what the inside of Chris's nose looks like?

Even Delaney got in on the fun by trying to lift 100 pounds with a pulley system:

I just realized that I didn't steal Delaney for a cuddle session yesterday. But I did get this cute picture of Jenn and Delaney.

As we were leaving us four big kids were discussing what other places we can go to give Avery a better education and help her have lots of fun as a small child. Yep, Avery will love the things we have planned for her.

Thank you Lyz and Chris for sharing your children.

(P.S. This is post #300. Wow)


Mrs. Spit said...

Happy 300th.

Anonymous said...

happy 300th!!

that looks like a fun outing! we have a hands-on science museum that i still haven't outgrown! we love taking young family members there!

Anonymous said...

Chris says he says his nose hair pic is at least not embarassing as having your boobs in a photo LOL hehehe


Jen said...

Hi heidi! The fish looks kind of gross... :) You need to email me your mailing address at jl_artgirl at hotmail and I will send you your 'pay it forward' gift! I am pretty sure it will have something pink with 2 legs on it. :)

JamieD said...

We have a science museum similar to that here and I LOVE it! As a matter of fact, I'm trying to get Hubby to take me there for my birthday this year.

Happy 300th = WOW!!!!

IrishNYC said...

That looks like so much fun!

B said...

: ) That's what my little guy says on animal crossing when he catches a snapper! Love the pics, and love that you have friends who aren't stingy with their kids! Happy 300!