Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

  • Fake Babies are weird. We were out to dinner last night and three women over the age of 25 carried in a baby carseat with a beautiful little girl inside. She was covered in crocheted blankets and all sweet. But she didn't move. I used to have a dog that slept with one leg up in the air, but babies don't do that. Jenn and I debated long and hard over if this baby was real, or a doll. Debated so long that we had finished eating 20 minutes before we would actually leave the table. It wasn't until one of the women put her purse on top of the baby that we finally determined it was fake. So weird.
  • Years ago before we got Minnesota Jenn and I were watching Animal Planet and she shook her head and said "I can't believe how much money people spend on pets, it isn't like they are human." I told her she had never had one before, she wouldn't understand. We had Minne less than 24 hours when she looked at me and said "I'd spend a million dollars on this dog if I needed to." Last night I was telling her that I was broken hearted because I had seen a dead golden retriever on the side of the road and we discussed what we would do if we ever ran over a dog. She said she would take it straight to our vet and then adopt it. I mentioned that we might have to give it back to its owners and she got all upset, over a hypothetical dog. It is amazing the way people can change.
  • I wrote my post two days ago trying to be rather lighthearted and jokingly proud of myself for having a good heart. I am shocked by the comments. I really didn't mean to make some of you cry, and I honestly wasn't looking for the wonderful love and support that was given to me. Thank you.
  • Facebook is rather addicting.
  • I am on cycle day 2. I don't understand why the cramps have to be so bad. Isn't it bad enough that our hearts and souls ache everytime we start our periods? Why do our bodies have to go through so much pain too?
  • Even my car is rejecting the cold weather that Pennsylvania has been throwing at us. It wants to return to its lazy days of sitting in the sand too. If the car wants to move to Florida, shouldn't we abide by its wishes?
  • I hate the word its or it's. I never know which one is the right one to use.


Anonymous said...

fake babies are SO weird. there is a documentary (on TLC or Discover or some cable channel) about these women who spend thousands on dolls that look real. so creepy!

i felt the same way about animals before we got our pup!! i couldn't understand why my friends spent so much on insulin shots or hip surgery for their cats and dogs. now, i'd spend every penny i have for my doggie!

Trish said...

it's = it is.
everything else is its.

the fake baby thing is bizarre.

Mimi said...

I agree I love face book.....and I am sorry thoses week are STUPID who in the hell carries a play baby?? Now I because I have granddaugher and I am always picking her up.....but in a resturant really?????

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I am still rereading the first bullet point. Even reading (much less seeing) about fake babies is weird :-)

Teaberry said...

What is this about fake babies? I've never heard about this---how odd!

Anonymous said...

Dolls creep me out. Always have. I can't sleep in a room with one, they're always watching. And that's the old school obviously fake dolls - don't get me started on the 'real' ones!

p.s my word verification is 'rants' lmao

JamieD said...

It is amazing how an animal can steal your heart. Hubby was the same and Jen until his Ernie came along. Now I'm suspcious he prefers Ernie's company to mine.

And, yes, fake babies are WAY weird.

B said...

Okay, this is what you were talking about with the fake babies thing. I was lost. : ) Love ya!