Saturday, March 14, 2009

In which Teaberry interviews ME! (and another meme)

Teaberry posted recently an interview that was posed to her...and offered to interview others! I am following in her footsteps, she is interviewing me. Would you like to be interviewed? Leave me a comment and I will ask you some questions suited just for you!

Here is my interview from Teaberry:

Hey Heidi, I'd LOVE to interview you! Here you go:

1) leave a new comment saying, "interview me."

2) I will respond by e-mailing you 5 questions (I get to pick the questions)

3) You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4) You will include the explanation , a link back to me, and offer to interview someone else in the post

5) When others comment asking to be interviewed you will ask 5 questions.

#1: I believe that you and Jenn both met going to college in Idaho--BYU Idaho? How did your families react when you came out to them? (I grew up in a big LDS town, and my first girlfriend was LDS, so... it was kind of a fiasco!)

When Jenn and I went to BYU Idaho it was known as Ricks Jr. College. Yes a 99.9% LDS school. Our parents both had very different reactions, I believe based on the very different ways they found out about us. My parents had it rough. I still lived at home with them and was having a very difficult long distance relationship with Jenn (difficult because I missed her, not because we were having problems). I missed her terribly and was horribly depressed. My best friend Lori spent all of her spare time trying to cheer me up and get me to smile more. (She was eventually the one who couldn't take my moodiness anymore and packed me up and moved me out to Jenn.) One day I wrote Jenn and letter. It was a dirty letter. Somehow, I don't remember why, it came back in the mail and my mother decided to read it. I am sure what she read was horrible to her, but sorry mom, shouldn't read my mail! When you walk up the stairs to my parents house you look right in the front door. Back then you looked right to the coffee table sitting in front of the couch. I walked up those stairs after work one night and there on the coffee table was the letter (I decorated the outside, I knew what that envelope held) and there on the couch were my parents. I wanted to die. This was not the way I wanted them to find out. I would have much preferred to be two states away when I broke this news to them. It took my parents quite a bit of time to warm up to Jenn. My dad and brother much faster than my mom I think. It wasn't until after my mother's mother passed away that I really felt like my mom accepted Jenn. My dad and brother can (like most people) see her as "one of the guys" because she can talk sports with them and carry on like they do. My mom couldn't make that bond with her. They may not accept the fact that we are a lesbian couple, I don't ever expect them to love that fact, but they do love us very much and have accepted Jenn as part of my life, and part of their family.

Jenn's parents were clueless. I moved here in 1997, as a friend of Jenn's. They knew we met in college, and they knew "I was having a rough time adjusting to life at home after college." I was immediately part of the family. I am almost perfectly placed in age wise between Jenn and her little sister. After many many years of hiding our relationship and many years of us (me, Lyz, Elissa, everyone) teasing Jenn that she was NEVER going to tell her parents the truth she shocked the crap out of me. She was talking to her mom on the phone about Jenn's sisters upcoming wedding and what they were going to pay for. At the time Jenn and I were also planning our wedding, but of course had said nothing to Jenn's parents about such a thing. I'm happily watching tv when I hear "So....let's say that I was getting married next year, what would you pay for of my wedding." My jaw dropped. I about passed out. I hear her go on to say "Well I am marrying Heidi of course." Silence. Her mom asked a few questions and then just ignored it for a bit. Every so often she would call with a new question, but nothing really changed. They still act like I am one of their daughters and life just kinda went on.

The difference is that Jenn's parents were able to love me before they knew who I really was. My poor parents first knowledge of Jenn was as my lover, which cannot leave a very good taste in a parents mouth. Now all four parents love us all, and accept us as much as their faith can allow.

(Moral of the story, don't read your kids mail unless you reallllly want to know what it says!!)

#2: If you could have a round table dinner with 6 famous people, who would you want to dine with?

See now this is tough. I'm very shy, so I would honestly panic if I had to have 6 famous people over for dinner and have it be a round table where there is talking?? Hm...
  • James Earl Jones. I love the mans voice. It would probably put me to sleep in my soup course, but at least I would enjoy listening to him talk.
  • J.K. Rowling. I want to know everything. I know she has a million more stories about all of her characters...I want to hear them all!
  • Martha Stewart. I love her. I want to be her. I want her money.
  • Alton Brown. My favorite chef/cook/scientist, whatever you want to call him. I met him once and my cheeks hurt for days afterwards from smiling so much!
  • Angelina Jolie. For Jenn's sake, so she wouldn't be too bored.
  • Duane Johnson. Shhh, he's my secret man crush. I just want to squeeze his arms.

#3: What is your all-time favorite comfort food?

Mashed potatoes (from a box) with creamed corn on top.

#4: If you could have any wild animal (in addition to a flamingo!) as a pet, what would you want?

Well that is easy! A hippopotamus of course! They come in second on my animal love list. I can be caught singing "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" all year round. Many people didn't even know it was a real song...they thought I made it up. I may be creative, but I am not that creative!

#5: What are your favorite girls names and favorite boys names?

A girl would be Cavanaugh Jenna. Cavanaugh because of the character Jordan Cavanaugh from Crossing Jordan. I jokingly mentioned to Jenn one day that I thought Cavanaugh would make a really good girls name. Then we realized that my other favorite show at the time was Ed. The main characters name in real life was Tom Cavanaugh (spelled different though). That Christmas Jenn bought me three books. In all three there was a main character with the last name Cavanaugh. It was a sign. Should Jenn and I ever have a daughter her name would be Cavanaugh.

Jenna is after Jenn's cousin who passed away a few years ago at the age of 14 from Cystic Fibrosis. We miss her dearly.

A boy (as of right now) would be Orion Marshall. Orion is again, a name that started as a joke but has since stuck. Shortly after Blue died I got really pissed off when Chris Noth named his son Orion. It was going to be my son's name, he could use it.

Marshall is my little brother. The only thing I hated about moving to Pennsylvania was losing my little brother. He was only 8 when I left and we had been very close. I want to honor him.

When I went over to Teaberry's blog to copy her link, I see that she tagged me again. I'm very bad at tagging people back, so I will gladly fill this out for her, but you darling readers are going to have to tag yourselves. If you do copy this, please let me know so I can wander over and read it!

Step 1: respond and rework -- answer the questions on your own blog , replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention

Step 2: tag - eight other un-tagged people. (Please tag yourselves)

1) What do you do for a living? liv-ing, -noun, def.the means of maintaining life; livelihood.
I am a front desk manager at a hotel.

2) What is your biggest fear?
Never having a live baby.

3) Do you nap a lot?
lol yes. Chris teases me about it all the time. I could nap all day everyday if people would let me. I think a bit of it has to do with depression, but...I still love to nap.

4) Who is the last person you hugged?

5) What websites do you visit when you go online?
Facebook, Lefora (my online community), Comcast, gmail, google reader. Lather, rinse, repeat. All day long.

6) What was the last item you bought?
Other than grocery's and other sundries it would be the item that will be featured on Monday for Mingo Monday, I'd rather not disclose that information here.

7) What was the first concert you went to?
Gloria Estafan's Coming Out of the Dark tour, with my mommy!

8) You can only ever read one book over and over again...what book is it?
Scarlet by Alexandra Ripley. It is the sequel to Gone with the Wind.
or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Hmmmm....

9) Has a celebrity's hair cut ever influenced your own hairstyle?
Nope. My hair is either long, or short. No style. Just long, or short. lol

10) What is your most embarrassing moment?
The one I classically tell is the day that my Aunt Kari and I were at the grocery store. I was 14 and we split up to purchase some things. I went after a bag of ice. There was a cute lil grocer guy standing near me and I got all shy (I hate talking to strangers) and asked where they keep the frozen ice. He was oh so kind to tell me that the frozen ice was near the cash registers, but if I was looking for melted ice they keep that in bottles on aisle 7, near the soda. I found Kari and was laughing hysterically at myself. After sharing the story with her we laughed together, until I peed my pants right in the middle of aisle 7. As cute lil grocer came walking up the aisle and saw me and my yellow puddle, I wanted to die.

11) What was the last movie you watched?
Bio Dome. It is one of those movies that always sucks me in while flipping channels. And I was stuck in bed with pneumonia, what else did I have better to do.

12) If you had a whole day to yourself with no work, commitments, or interruptions what would you do?
Please see question number 3.

13) Do you like scary movies?
Sometimes. I don't like a lot of blood and gore. I don't like things that mess with your head like Saw. I liked Blair Witch Project a lot. We were in the mood to be scared, so it made it a good movie!

14) What would you want your last meal to be?
Oh dear. Food. Have you seen my rather large body?? Hm. We'll go with Ichiban. It is a hibachi grill so I could have entertainment, yummy food and my friends around me enjoying it.


Teaberry said...

Wow--way to go! Both at once and both very interesting! Thank you for playing along!

Oh, and boxed mashed potatoes are truly awesome. Have you tried the bag kind? Almost better, if you can believe that!

Hope you're feeling better!

JamieD said...

I have to be honest - your answer to #4 - Hippo - completely shocked me! I guess I never imagined a Hippo as a 'pet' kind of animal!

Anonymous said...

i love the names you've picked out!

this was a cool post, thanks for letting us get to know you a little better!

Heather said...

I love this interview game. I'd be curious to know what you'd ask someone like me that you really don't know anything much about???
The taters with cream corn was, shall I say...interesting. You will need a large yard for that hippo of yours.

littlesteps said...

I love your book choices. I could read both of those over and over again, too. I think I actually like Scarlett more than Gone with the Wind.