Monday, April 20, 2009

Mingo Monday

Mingo's make good wrappers.

Last week my dear blog friend S. posted a contest. See, her sharps container was full past the point where you were allowed to fill it to. She asked her readers to guess how many "objects" were in it. Between syringes and needles and all the other stuff that we infertiles shoot ourselves up with on a constant basis. I used a very scientific method to make my guess. I figured there had to be more than 200 things in the container, and my favorite number is 34, so my guess became 234. And you know what...I WON!!!

So a few days ago in the mail, I got a package. It was a grand package, all brown paper packaged and sweet. I happily ripped off the brown paper to find this:

Isn't S. so sweet?? She wrapped my prize all up in the cutest paper ever!!! Could what was inside possibly be as sweet? I ever so carefully removed the paper. It is now in my phone book being pressed flat, and I shall frame it as a wall hanging in the flamingo room. (Yes, I am a dork, hush. Isn't that why you read this blog??) Anywho...look what was inside the package...a beautiful inspiration.

Thank you S. They are beautiful. Hopefully soon I'll be posting pictures of our little one wearing them. xxoo


Anonymous said...

aw, shucks :) glad you liked the package!

Heather said...

Teary eyes...teary eyes. How precious.

B said...

very cute!

Heather said...

Heidi- Great news for you... I was just reading up on the new movie "EARTH" to see if any animals would die in the movie and get an idea of whether Carson would like it. (BTW some do and no I'm not taking him.)

BUT- Disneynature has a movie in the works (same style as EARTH) all about flamingos!

e said...

Awww sweetie they r soo cute! N there will be little feet in them soo keep ur chin up or on my shoulder that is what it is here for :) luv u