Friday, April 10, 2009

Pittsburgh Trip-Carnegie Science Center and Primanti Brothers

We stayed an extra day. We blamed the snow, even though there was hardly any on the ground. But we wanted more fun, and the hotel night was free!!! Can you blame us?

Headed out to the Carnegie Science Center for some fun. Apparently all of the schools in the greater Pittsburgh area had the same idea. The place was freaking packed!!

Joni and Delaney had some fun wheeling around:

We all had fun with the thermal imaging camera (I think Jenn was searching for ghosts):

We made shadow pictures:

Avery became a jumping bean:

Jenn's favorite part was the model train:

And playing with Delaney:

Then we walked around on a submarine, Avery and I were not thrilled with the tight quarters:

After that we headed to Primanti Brothers for lunch. It is a place that has been on the Travel Channel and Food Network and Chris had been there when he was young.

Messy sandwich with burger, french fries, and coleslaw:

But everyone really enjoyed them:

On our way out of town we drove past the viewing for the three police officers that were shot last week in Pittsburgh. It was very moving, and especially so when you are traveling with a police officer. We worry about Chris every day, and are thankful for men like him who are willing to put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

And then...we went home :) Everyone was tired out:


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing so much of your trip, sounds like a wonderful adventure!

a couple of thoughts -

1. those bows on delaneys head crack me up :D (in a good way) precious!

2. avery is adorable.

3. i am so truly sorry blue wasn't there to share this experience with you and your family. sending you big hugs.

JamieD said...

I have been catching up on your vacation pics and I must say - you take some great pictures! I feel almost like I was there.