Friday, June 12, 2009

She looked so...happy

Jenn had her first fast pitch softball game last night. I'll admit it. I was nervous. She hasn't played softball with anyone over the age of 9 in about 10 years. I was worried that the thing Jenn defines herself as, athletic, would let her down. She is 10 years older and a little bit heavier.

I was wrong. Chris invited us over before the game so that he could help Jenn practice. They went to the park nearby and he hit grounders and pitched to her. When they came back only Chris walked through the door. I asked him if he killed her and he said "No, but she almost killed me!" Jenn had hit a ball back at him when he was pitching, right into his leg. It looks quite painful. But at least she got a hit right?? Thank you so much Chris for helping her. It meant a lot to her.

Then we were off to the game. All of her teammates are so young!! She is the team grandma!! Lyz had gone over to visit her before the game started and several of the girls asked if Lyz was her wife, and since Lyz had Delaney with her the assumed that Delaney was their daughter. Jenn explain that Lyz is her sister and Delaney her niece. (I of course shied away from meeting the team at the first game...maybe tonight.)

Then the game started. Jenn played 3rd base. Now Jenn is by no means your average 3rd base woman. She is a lefty, and only 5'3". But let me tell you, she did an awesome job. All of my nervousness quickly washed away and I sat there beaming. I was so proud of my Teapot for doing so well!!

She batted well too. She made contact both times. Chris said the first time that she would have had a single if the girls they were playing couldn't do the splits. And at her 2nd at bat she got on base but it was a fielder's choice so she says it doesn't count. Lyz and I took a vote. It counts in our book.

She also had a couple of great plays on defense (is that the right terminology? My dad is totally rolling his eyes. He taught his daughter sports better than that xxoo). She got a girl out at home and Chris jumped out and screamed "Way to go Jenn". And even cuter, Jenn turned around and gave us a thumbs up.

I loved watching her play. Since I moved out here I have been begging her to get on a team. There was always some reason not to. Work, coaching the girls, something. But this team works out. Either evenings or Sunday. And even though she starts working on Monday, she will still be able to make her games.

Joni, Chris, Lyz, Avery and Delaney also came to watch Jenn play. It meant the world to both of us. The game didn't even start until 8:30, but they were all there, cheering Jenn on. It was so wonderful to have our family there. Our little mishmosh family!! Delaney wasn't too interested in the game, but the leaves were sure fun to watch!

I did have a little moment of panic. The pitcher got a ball hit right at her head and I flashed back to the olden days of watching my Aunt Kari playing softball. We were at a tournament in Battle Creek, MI right at the start of my Grandmother's Alzheimers. Kari was running home and the third base woman threw the ball and it wailed through the air into the back of Kari's head. She was unconscious. I was so torn over leaving my Grandma alone in the stands or running to Kari's assistance! Kari was fine, thankfully. But I was so scared. Now I have to worry that Jenn might get hurt.

The flashback was neat in a way too. Remembering all of the fun times watching Kari play! I thought her teammates were so much fun! And Kari would take me on tournaments with her and the team always treated me like a little mascot. Ahh, the days of innocence when nothing is wrong in the world.

When the game was over (they lost, bad, but still all had a blast) Jenn and I got into the car and I looked at her. She was so happy. I haven't seen that happy Jenn face since January 10, 2008. It was back last night. I had a hard time keeping my emotions in check. I cannot explain to you how wonderful it felt to me to see her like that again. Yes, she is happy most of the time. But last night was the truly nothing can stop her smile face. It warmed me right through.

My baby at 3rd base:

The team on the pitchers mound:

(sorry there aren't more pictures, but it was dark, and my camera isn't a fan of the dark!)


N said...

Yay! Go Jenn!

B said...

I'm glad Jenn had such a good time! What an amazing family to come out and support you guys like that. You are truly blessed. Get that girl to the batting cages so she can rip off some homers!

Amy said...

Glad to hear you all had a great time. That cracks me up that Jenn is the team Grandma. Not fair! We are still young.

Tara said...

This so cool!! You are not old Jenn!!