Monday, October 15, 2007

4 weeks 3 days (10/14/2007-Sunday)

See this o. The baby is the size of half that right now. Isn't that simply amazing? We went to the PA Ren Faire today and really enjoyed it at first. Then I got horribly hot and tired and wanted to go home. But at the same time I wanted to have fun and we had only been there for two hours. We walked around a little bit longer (bought a Flamingo made out of beeswax, a glass blown pumpkin, and a gift for my mom for Christmas) and then we both decided we'd had enough and headed home.

I slept almost the whole way home. We stopped at Freeze and Frizz to pick up dinner, and ate it at home. We decided to take a nap, that lasted until 9am Monday morning.

I think pregnancy may make me a little tired. I love it.

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