Monday, October 15, 2007


I went into work a little early as it is a Friday I wanted to get somethings done before I dissappeared to the doctors office. I left at 8am and called the dr's office from the car. Explain that my period didn't come, can I please come in for a blood test. Run home and pick up Jenn and drive the 40 some minute drive to York. I didn't tell them I had peed on a stick, but they knew. I asked when I would hear back from them-around 2pm. EEK!!! I hate waiting. it totally sucks. All I do anymore is wait. Wait for my period, wait to ovulate, wait to see if it worked.

At 12:45 I looked at my cell phone and told it "Would you just ring???" Holy smokes it did.
Me: Hello?
Voice: Is Heidi available.
Me: This is she.
Voice: Hi, it's Michelle at the Fertility Center.
Me: Hi. (with a quivery get on with it kind of voice)
Michelle: I have good news for you, you are pregnant, your hcg level is 121!
Me: Yipee!
Michelle: You took a home pregnancy test didn't you.
Me: Maybe.

Then she tells me that I should come in next Thursday for another blood draw to make sure the numbers are rising properly. (See more waiting). They will also test my thyroid to make sure that the baby is getting enough of my hormone, and leaving enough for me.

I called Jenn, then Elissa, then Lyz and then I went into the bathroom and cried relief.

This is amazing.

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