Wednesday, October 31, 2007

6 weeks 6 days 10/31/2007

or 7 weeks 0 days if you are my doctor, but I'm gonna stick with my current plan.

Happy Halloween!!!

Had my first official prenatal appointment yesterday. We were late, 3 minutes, and I panicked, only to wait in the lobby for 40 minutes because they were behind. They have never been behind!!

He went over all the symptoms I might be having:
Nausea?? Nope
Sore Breasts?? Check (Jenn told him to double check that)
Tired?? Check (again, Jenn had him double check that)
Spotting?? Nope
Cramping?? Nothing to worry about.

We were then told all the do's and don'ts-no cleaning cat litter (I have never before, why would I start now???) No smoking, um duh. No drinking, um, double duh. Eat right, don't actually eat for two...etc.

I was told that he was going to check my cervix to make sure it's closed, but he said he wasn't worried about it, since I'm not spotting and my cramping is the normal stuff (round ligament pain) than he's not worried.

Then the good part...scheduling our ultrasound. But it wasn't as good as I thought. They are making us wait almost two weeks!!!!! November 12 at 10am will be the big moment we get to see our ONE baby's heartbeat!

Oh, and today, I got sick for the first time. It was nice to know things are going well even if the doc won't let us see our baby :)

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