Saturday, November 3, 2007

7weeks 2days-11/3/2007

My cell phone rang at 8:44am this morning, I looked down at the number and it was the Fertility Center. My heart sank. What could be wrong that they would call me on a Saturday morning when they are closed?

Michelle wanted to let me know that my TSH (my thyroid hormone) had doubled since two weeks ago when they checked it, and they need to up my Synthroid dosage. Which scared the color right out of my cheeks. If my TSH levels get too high, it can cause miscarriage. She promised me that they aren't high enough to be dangerous for the baby yet, but she wants to make sure they get it back down before it gets that far.

Since Michelle isn't worried in the least, I'm only half as worried as I could be. Still scared, but not so much that I want to curl up and cry.

On a side note, I forwarded Jenn an email the other day that mentioned that the baby is the size of a blueberry--so that's what we've taken to nicknaming the baby...Blueberry!!

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