Tuesday, November 27, 2007

10 weeks 5 days-11/27/2007

We got to see Blueberry again yesterday. It is so wonderful to be able to lay there and see the little munchkin swimming around. Blueberry is looking much more like a baby, and way less tadpole like. Every time the ultrasound tech would try to pause the screen he would back-up just enough that we couldn't see him.

Here is a picture, it's a little fuzzy because I took a picture, of the picture with my camera phone, but I think you'll get the point.

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Blueberry is in the black part, head towards the upper left, kinda looking at his feet. The four white dots are hands and feet. That is an ear at the bottom of the head I believe.

Yes, I keep calling Blueberry a boy. No one can tell us what he is yet, but I'm going with boy. Which makes me very happy, but we are unsettled on a name. It was going to be Broderick Marshall, but I'm already tired of the BM comments, so we are rethinking. If Blueberry was to be a girl we'd be all set, as we have had that name picked out for at least 5 years. She'd be Cavanaugh Jenna. (Jenna is Jenn's cousin who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis--Cavanaugh, well that's a long story.)

I'm still liking Orion. But that seems a little out there. (semi pun intended) Jenn likes it, but would prefer it as a middle name. But we also both want Marshall (my lil brother) to be the middle name. I'm not going to release the current boy name to the public, until we've both slept on it a few more nights. But so far I can't think of any bodily functions that the initials will spell.


Estee said...

I think that the absolute best part of being pregnant is picking out the name. :) Brad and I could never agree, so we got to aggravate each other for nine months. He swore that we were going to name one of our children Myrtle. Oh the entertainment.

I really like Broderick and that is cool that you are going to use Marshall for the middle name. Breuklyn (Lucille) and Maddux (Jamison) both have middle names after family members. Paizlee (Addyson) doesn't because, well, we ran out of cool family names. Cheryl just doesn't go with anything and Brad's family consists of Linda, Beula and Melissa Jo. Ugh.

Have fun picking names and I totally agree that you should keep it a secret because I got two emails while pregnant with Paizlee from people that were stealing her name for their own kids after I posted it in a blog at Sb.com. People are name stealers. ;)
Have fun and take care!
Estee :)

Heidi said...

See I love the name Jamison, but I've met two little girls named that and it bugs me. Same with Emerson. I LOVE Emerson for a boy, but it is gaining popularity as a girls name. Grrr.