Thursday, November 29, 2007

11 weeks 0 days-11/29/07

The Liars. (oh and **warning**, I'm about to discuss bodily functions, stop reading here if you'd rather not know about my bowels.)

Morning sickness may decrease and you may not need to urinate as much as in early pregnancy. You may become constipated, however, as bowel movements slow down in pregnancy.

A-Morning Sickness. It is not always morning sickness. Sometimes it is evening sickness, or more specifically 6:15pm sickness. It does not start as early as they say it will. Sometimes it doesn't start untill about week nine. It does not start to go away during week 10 either. Sometimes it starts to get worse around week 10, to the point that your other half may starve to death if she doesn't get dinner soon. Or freeze when I force her to eat it outside so that I don't have to see, smell or think about it.

B-Constipated. I can only dream of constipation. I used to be on a pooping schedule. Every third day. I was happy with this schedule as I am not a fan of pooping. Now every single morning at 6:45 am if I am not near a restroom you will hear lots of whining and moaning. And it's not just at 6:45 am either. It happens throughout the day. Give me constipation please.

C-Urination. Eight times a night. No wonder I need a nap.

Please understand that this is not complaining. I love it. I do love to dry heave loudly at the idea of "so, what do you want for dinner tonight". It makes our house a fun house. I do love peeing a lot because that means baby is growing and pushing on my bladder. I do enjoy pooping. Okay, that's a lie. I hate pooping. I have for as long as I can remember. I am not a lets sit on the toilet and read the paper kind of girl.

I do have days where I am starving and could eat all day without getting sick. Yesterday was one of these. I ate more yesterday than I have in the last week combined. I'm sure at my next doctors appointment I shall prove that I put back on the 8 pounds I've lost so far. Oh well, I am realllllly looking forward to the cute maternity clothes!!

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