Tuesday, November 13, 2007

8 weeks 5 days-11/13/2007

Yesterday was a big day. We got to meet our precious little Blueberry for the first time. And in our typical fashion, we managed to mess up. The appointment was originally for Wednesday at 10:30am, but Jenn had it switched to Monday. We arrived at the Dr's office at 9:45am and sat in the parking lot for a bit, finally at 10:05 I told Jenn we could go in because her antsyness was killing me!! We had been arguing over the appointment being at 10:15 or 10:30.

We walked in and the ultrasound tech was standing right there waiting for us. Jenn asked what time the appointment was for-you guessed it-10:00. Sigh, by the time this baby is born I really need to organize myself a little better. My planner clearly states that the appointment was for 10:00, I should learn to read it.

Once I was ready the ultrasound tech came in and started. Showed me my right ovary (thank you, I've seen that before), my left ovary (next please!), my cervix (measuring good, move on), the outside of my uterus (seriously only interested in the inside) and then....

Baby. One single little perfect baby with a beautiful heartbeat. She measured it-perfect. Then she tried to measure it's little heart and it was dancing around, you could see the little arms wiggling back and forth! I swear I could almost hear it humming along to the elevator music playing in the background!

Then she found the heartbeat, and we were able to hear it. We had no idea that we would hear it today, we had heard that it would be a few more weeks. It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my life. Beating at a perfectly healthy169 beats per minute. The whooshing sound was just too much for me and I started to cry. I could feel Jenn standing behind me shaking and I knew she must be crying too.

We were given a few pictures to take home, and as soon as I can figure out how to blur out my social security number I will share them.

The second big part of my day was telling my parents. I was beyond stressed about this as I never shared with them that we were even trying. Jenn spent all evening telling me to just do it, call them, they need to know. After a few minutes of talking about their new mattress I just kinda blurted it out. I told my mom that I had an interesting day today, with a doctors appointment, she responded with a worried "really?" and I told her that the doctor said that she was going to be a grandmother again in June (they have four other grandchildren that they have adopted as their own). There was a lot of whats and hows, and then I finally heard excitement in her voice. A lot of whats and hows still followed. They were simply shocked as they didn't even know Jenn and I wanted kids at all. Once the initial shock wore off they were happy and excited. Now of course (like Jenn told me months and months ago) I regret not filling them in sooner. Sorry Mom and Dad!!

Today is now the day that I will start sharing this blog with people. I've been writing it this whole time knowing that once Blueberry showed it's little heartbeat I would share...and I'm excited to! All the major people know, it's time to start sharing our little secret with everyone!

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