Tuesday, December 4, 2007

11 weeks 5 days-12/4/07

I'm a little bored right now when it comes to being pregnant. Nothing new is happening and there are still 8 days until my next Dr.'s appointment. I'm a little sick sometimes at night, or I'm starving to death. If I'm planning a yummy dinner, I'm sick. If I can't think of anything in the house to make, I am miraculously starving. Or in last nights case I planned on making pirogies and sautéed onions, was starving and happy that I was starving and cooking, then proceeded to burn the crap out of the onions. Sigh. Thank goodness for the little Costco pizza's, they have been my lifesaver many nights.

Today no fewer than 8 other hotel employees asked me how I'm feeling. I feel like I disappoint them when I report that there is nothing new to report.

You aren't showing yet!?! No, but if you were in my pants you would notice a difference. Some people tell me it's too early to tell a difference, others are amazed that I haven't noticed a bigger difference. I do not fit in my "wear only when there will be no sitting involved" pants. My pants that normally fit perfectly are starting to get tight by the end of the day, so I unbutton them, and all is well! My fat pants are heaven. Thank goodness for fat pants.

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