Monday, December 10, 2007

12 weeks 4 days-12/10/2007

While talking to my mommy dearest last night I had the most exciting revelation. We get to play Santa Claus next year!! I had already planned the trip to the paint your own pottery place where I will paint a plate for leaving Santa's cookies on...but this is so much bigger.

  • We, get to sneakily wrap presents and hide them in the house with special wrapping paper. (I have a huge wrapping paper collection...huge I tell you)
  • We get to eat the cookies/hot cocoa/carrots left for Santa and the reindeer
  • We get to devise diabolical plans to trick our child(ren) into continuing to believe in Santa (my parents had a friend tape record himself saying "HO HO HO" etc and played it for me one Christmas night!)
  • and many more that I'm just to excited to think up right now!
Yes, Blueberry will only be six months old next Christmas so he isn't going to remember a darn thing about his first Christmas...but there will be a gazillion photographs and scrapbook pages to fill him in on it later!

***edited to add***
I email Jenn my postings to share with her the blog entries since she can't read them from's response...

"i am so not eating the carrots"

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Mom said...

Did I ever tell you about Dana Quenneville's tradition of putting on red
lipstick and kissing the kids cheeks. When they woke up Christmas morning they
thought Santa had kissed them.