Friday, December 14, 2007

13 weeks 1 day-12/14/07

We had our first appointment with our Ob-Dr. Christine Stabler. I've always loved her as my doctor, mostly because she is overweight so she understands the struggles and doesn't lecture me toooooo much.

It was a very long appointment and we learned a lot. The most important being that I should not do any skydiving for until after Blueberry arrives...guess I have to cross that off my list of things to do in March.

We talked about my idea of a good birth. I would really like to go drug free, and she is very supportive of that. My labor suite will have a shower and a jacuzzi for me to relax in, and she gave me exercises to start doing now to get my body ready for labor.

She brought in a Doppler so that we could hear Blueberry's heartbeat (I've missed it the last few weeks!!) and it took forever to find him. She found the placenta first and told me to stop worrying, if the placenta sounds that good, then Blueberry is fine, we just have to find him! She had been looking for him down around my pubic line, but then decided to look up higher. Sure enough she put the wand near my belly button and there he was. Thumping away--that sound will never get old to us. I even went online last night and rented a Doppler for the house. he he.

I hate needles, it is a trait my father passed down to me. I have gotten mostly used to the blood draws, but shots are a whole different story. Dr. Stabler has always been a huge promoter of the flu shot. I told Jenn that if she offered I would do it this time, since I'm pregnant, I usually turn her down, I'd rather battle the flu, than have to get a shot. We were in that appointment for an hour and a half and she said "Okay, I have other patients to see, see you in a month" In my head I said "Yeah, no flu shot!!" She must have read my mind. She popped her head back in and asked if I had had a flu shot yet. Yuck.

I have gained 5 pounds which is perfect according to Dr. Stabler. First time in my life I've done the right thing as far as weight!

Since I am old, and overweight, she wants to nip Gestational Diabetes testing in the butt. That was fun let me tell you. They have you drink two styrofoam coffee cups full of this syrupy Sprite flavored liquid. I drank the first glass fine...the second one did not want to go down. Then you wait an hour and do a blood draw. We also did a new thyroid check to see if I reacted well to this new dose of medicine. I should hear the results from both by Monday I would assume.

Our next appointment will be Thursday, January 10, 2008. Glad we rented our own Doppler, how on earth can we go for four weeks without hearing our little Blueberry?!?

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