Monday, January 28, 2008

I am officially no longer pregnant.

I went twice for bloodwork last week to confirm that my pregnancy hormone levels were falling, and to check my thyroid.

My pregnancy hormones are at 0. I am happy that they fell nice and quickly, but it still hurt to hear that. I cried on the phone with Dr. Stabler-I love her. She said she has perfect faith that we can go on to get pregnant again, and carry this one full term. She also told me that she knows how much we loved our baby, and how excited she was for us.

My thyroid level is a little trickier. Normal is .5 to 5.0. Mine right now is .53 so within normal. She does not recommend changing my dosage as we are going to try again, and when we get pregnant we would just have to change the dosage all over again. She even mentioned that being a little on the hyperside of the thyroid level can often aid in conception.

So, it is official. We are back to square one, waiting for my period. Sigh.


Merr said...

It's really a bitter sweet feeling, isn't it? It makes it all seem that much more real.

kittenroar5 said...

there's really nothing else to say but i'm sorry, so sorry.