Friday, February 29, 2008

Because we can't do anything the easy way.

So I'm getting all the prescriptions I'll need for the next cycle all organized and ready to go so there will be no stressing once my period shows (not that she's left yet or anything). I realize that Michelle didn't give us one for Clomid. No biggie, we'll call her.

Then I start figuring out the Ovidrel. Last time we used this we found out the day of. Our prescription insurance said "Mail us the script, and we'll overnight the drug back to you." That doesn't work, I need it TONIGHT. Well we can get it for you in 3-5 days. After having this arguement 47 times, we gave up and decided we would just pay out of pocket. Well Mr. Pharmacist was having none of this. HE said he would call the insurance company. It wasn't easy for him either, but he finally got them to understand that we MUST have the shot tonight. People, timing is everything in the wonderful world of infertility. that I have made a short story long, I got the prescription from Michelle when we were there at the beginning of the month so that I could mail it in and have it waiting for me in my fridge, instead of panicking again. Yesterday I went online and printed out the paperwork that goes with it. I got home from worked and asked Jenn for the script. What script? The one I had you put in your wallet. Oh.

See, on Tuesday while we were in at her bank (the one she works at), and she cleaned out her wallet. She gave her teller all of the receipts and asked her throw them in the shredding bin. Guess what else went in there? You got it!! Gold star for you to know that Jenn had the prescription shredded.

After laughing hysterically (and calling the bank to see if it was maybe possible that the particular bin had not been shredded, and having the teller dig through to see if she could find the script-she did not, but she did find the receipt for our tattoos!), I told Jenn it was no big deal since we had to call for the Clomid anyway.

In other news, it is sad when you go to your blood testing place and they not only know you by name, but you know how to do their job better than they do. Our STD bloodwork all expires the end of this month, so we had to get it redone. When the receptionist called my number we went over all the normal stuff (insurance company, emergency contact, etc.) and she said"okay, have a seat and they will call you back! My response: Don't I have to sign the consent to have an HIV test paper? Oh, um, yeah.

Then when the blood taker chic called me back she said "Hey my favorite passer-outer!" Once. One time you pass out and they label you. I did have to remind her which vein works best and that she will be needing the blue needle thing. But hey, as long as she remembers to have the smelling salts handy, she's got the job!

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