Thursday, February 28, 2008

A conversation at 1:09am.

First I'll note that I get this from my mother.

H: narmf macanoomi sarf.
J: What?
H: Hmm, (wipes drool from cheek). I was just dreaming that I was on a game show and I had to catch this weird blue frog with a spaghetti strainer, but every time you touched the frog you were shocked.
J: Are you awake?
H: I could be.
J: You are very entertaining some nights.
H: Oh, and that first thing I said was "I want macaroni salad" but I have no idea what that has to do with the dream.
J: So you weren't awake at the beginning, but now you are?
H: I think so. I really do want macaroni salad though. Will you go to Giant and get me some? They are open 24 hours.
J: No.
H: Oh, so only when I am pregnant am I special enough to go to Giant for in the middle of thenight?
J: Yep.
H: Whatever.
J: Well when you are pregnant it is the baby talking. Right now it is just you being weird at 1am.
H: Everwhat.

Yep, I fully admit that I am weird. The problem is that this exact scenario happens at least twice a week in our house. I wake up from a dream, but am not awake and have odd conversations with Jenn. Sometimes I get very angry at her because she has no idea what I am talking about, but she should!!! I mean, she was there, in my dream, right? So therefore her subconscious should know exactly what I am talking about.

Other examples:
  • One night I kept screaming at her that the pizza delivery guy was at the door, why doesn't she just pay him and feed me. (dude, there is no place that even delivers pizza in our area.)
  • One night I kept trying to get her to understand that yes, the dog is outside in the back yard, and yes she is barking like mad, please go let her in. (We don't have a fence, there is no letting the dog out by herself)
  • My personal favorite...years and years before we even started trying to have a baby I woke up and hit her because I was mad that she was ignoring the babies cries. Can't I just get two hours of sleep??
Someday, maybe Jenn will get two hours of sleep!

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