Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy Day

Sometimes it happens to us on vacation that we spend the first part of the vacation spending so much time relaxing that we forget to do what we want! So today we played catch-up.

We got up early and headed to our favorite breakfast place-Pats on the Riverfront. They have the 2nd yummiest biscuits and gravy (but not even a close 2nd, my dad's is HANDS DOWN the best EVER, period.)

After breakfast we headed to the Daytona Flea and Farmers Market. Huge place. We normally get lost and confused but that is part of the fun. Aparently today we had no patience with getting lost and confused. We found Jenn's favorite hat guy which was the number one part of our mission, and found our way back out.

We then headed over to the track to see if they had any new Dale Jr, or could it be possible Elliot Sadler, stuff. I have never taken the track tour so we did that as well. It was pretty dang neat!

Then we headed back to paradise, the beach. Jenn has a HUGE thing for the birds and was feeding them her apple peels. (Yes, Jenn was eating apples!) The birds were starting to get very brave so Jenn held one of the peels over her head and sure enough a bird came and took the peel right out of her hand.

Check out her face--I'm cool. I'm feeding birds right out of my hand.

1 comment:

Kim said...

You just can't top mom and dad food can you? I love some biscuits and gravy!!

Cool shot of the bird!

Enjoy the rest of your time in paradise. :o)