Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finally Bleeding.

Hey our Mom's and Dad's, I'll just warn you're about to read something that won't thrill you.

A few days after the miscarriage we were laying in bed, eating oreos and crying off and on. Jenn looked at me and said what I had been thinking "I think I understand how cutters feel. If I cut myself and see blood coming out, I'll know I am still alive."

Yesterday we finally saw ourselves bleed. We went and got tattoos. We both have two others and we went to the place where we got the first ones. (My first one is a flamingo, and Jenn's is a sunlike thing with a ying-yang in the middle.)

Jenn went first, which was stupid. All that did was give me more time to have an inner freak about needles and pain (if my father didn't stop reading earlier, he may have now). She winced and whined a little and after 17 minutes it was over.

Then it was my turn. When I had my first tattoo they told me the black hurts worse than the color. LIARS. This time I was prepared, but it didn't hurt as much as I remember. I always describe it as you know when your mom used to draw on your back, and she'd sometimes spend too much time in the same spot and it would start to feel raw, kinda like that. But you can't get her to stop so it still feels raw the next morning :)

Here is Jenns...

Mine is still a little ugly looking, but looks exactly the same, except mine is the left foot. Jenn's is on her right calf, mine is high on my left ankle.

Today we headed back out to the beach except it was freaking cold!! We took the Blueberry bear with us. It has been our tradition to take a picture of our shadows in the sand. This year Blueberry joined us.


soul-quest said...

Well done on the tattoos, both of you! Quite a leap, me the Emla-queen talking.

Thanks for your encouragment, you are right about validating this chemical miscarriage. Thanks.

Merr said...

Love the tattoo! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

i've been thinking of the same thing.. a tattoo.. and yours is gorgeous.

hope you are healing...

(kirsten ... formally kittenroar5)