Thursday, March 27, 2008

Totally Random

While we were in Florida the batteries inside of Jenn's electric toothbrush died. She didn't want to spend money to buy new batteries, or even a new electric toothbrush. (She was pouty, it was sunburn day, and she's odd, I have no other explanation.) She bought a cheap $.79 non-electric toothbrush.

It hit me yesterday that if she was so worried about not spending money on batteries or a new toothbrush, why didn't she just brush her teeth with the electric toothbrush and do the motions herself??

(Her answer in case you are curious is that it just wouldn't work as well that way. I didn't ask her to elaborate that though, I was too busy laughing-with her....not at her....okay, at her.)


I'm having a bad week. Between extra life stresses that have been thrown at us this week (well heck, when aren't they anymore??), it's the most stressful week of the year at the hotel. I haven't worked a day less that 11 hours this week, my feet are killing me, oh, and I'm on Clomid. So needless to say I'm either a bawling mess, or sore and crabby and sweating so bad that someone tried to corral me into their sty yesterday.


Last week I decided to follow Mel's advice and not only read other people's blog (I am such a voyeur), but make sure I am supporting them. I have about 70 blogs that I read on a consistent basis. I decided that I would write a comment for each blog I read. Thankfully not all 70 update at the same time. I also made sure to send support to as many blogs as I could from the Lost and Found each day. Now some days I did great and got my support out to all of my blogs, and most of the Lost and Found.

Then Tuesday came. I haven't commented on a single blog (I lie, I commented on one that truly moved me) I apologize to my dear blog friends out there. It's just a rough spot. I'll be back trying to spread the love again. I am normally quite the optimist. Like to the point of obnoxiousness. But I tell you, this year is killing me!

(I started with a funny, and I want to end with a funny, so follow me back to Florida)

We have stayed in the same hotel for 4 years now. We pass a billboard every year that has always made me giggle. It's for a dentist. He's holding a chicken. Chickens don't have teeth right? But the billboard says "We treat chickens too."

For 4 years I have driven past that sign and giggled at the irony that chickens don't have teeth but they say they treat them.

This year it hit me. They don't mean chickens the bird. They mean human chickens. Boy, I can be dense sometimes.


The Town Criers said...

Hey--picking one day a week to leave comments is still 10 times more than most people do :-) Go you!

Merr said...

WOW 70 blogs! That is awesome. Sorry you are having a rough week.

Ahuva Batya said...

I"m sorry it's been a rough week. I sure know what stress is like, so I truly empathize. I have been told that chickens do, in fact, have teeth... just that they are very rare.

my cowgirl alter-ego said...

First off... I laughed and laughed at the toothbrush. He. Sounds like something I would do!

And, 70, girl? Wow.

Who is the Mel you speak of?

And stress sucks. But I'm here, offering you your last margarita for hopefully NINE months.

Much, much love!