Monday, April 28, 2008

Conversations I never thought I'd have...

I'm not a fan of cows. When I was somewhere between 12 and 14 I was out walking our dog and walked past a field of cows (in Northern Michigan, there are no fields of cows around Detroit). One of the cows started following us. In my overimaginative head I decided this cow was mad at me for eating its cousin. I therefore became a "vegetarian". I mean that in the loosest way possible. I honestly think it lasted two days. But my fear of cows has lasted much, much longer.

Now I live in Amish Country. I pass at a minimum 47 fields of cows every day on my way home from work. I have learned a lot about these cows. As the following conversation will show you.

Me: 82% of cows in this field are laying down.
Jenn: That other 18% must be from New Jersey.
Me: Oh, only 10% of this field of cows are laying down.
Jenn: Those New Jersey cows must be on special this year.
Me: 0% of the baby cows in this field are laying down, in fact they are frolicking.
Jenn: Well, they are veal, let them frolic as they will, their life is short.

I have been trying to prove the theory that cows lay down before it rains wrong. I must say that most often, cows laying down are right. That first field of cows was just really ahead of the game as it didn't start raining until eight hours after I saw them!



Anonymous said...

I thought cows went under a tree before a storm? Holy cow, I must have been wrong.


Anonymous said...

I am from cow country as well and I have often heard that cows lie down before rain, but I don't know whether this is true or not. Maybe you can answer the question for all of us once and for all!


Ahuva Batya said...

Hurry for 5w! I thought cows only lie down if you tip them.

B said...

Happy 5 weeks girls! You two have some weird conversations..but so do K and I. : ) I'm glad we're not the only ones.

j.k-c. said...

My dad was a big fan of the theory of the cows laying down and the prediction of rain....when we would pass a field of cows where about 1/2 were standing he would say, "Looks like a 50% chance of showers."

Estee said...

Hi! Thanks for the message on my blog, I passed it along to my mom. She appreciated it. :)

Congrats on the 5 weeks. (((hugs)))

Kim said...


Congrats on the 5 weeks!