Thursday, April 17, 2008

File under "Odd things I get paid to do"

My boss's birthday (Rodney) is in November, the same week as the Eagles/Cowboys game. He is a HUGE Cowboys fan. His good friend Kenny is a HUGE Eagles fan (we're talking football here in case anyone is lost). For Rodney's birthday Kenny came to the hotel and changed the big marquee out front to read
"Happy Birthday Rodney

Rodney loved it!

So...Kenny's birthday is next week, and Rodney needs to "pay him back". Into the picture comes crafty Heidi.

What was once a bunch of "Ron Paul for President" signs now say:

The small print at the bottom reads: "Paid for by Jerry Jones and Terrell Owens"

These will be placed all over the business that Kenny owns front lawn Monday night, the eve of the primaries here in Pennsylvania!!

Ahhh, I love my job.


JamieD said...

Oooh - how fun!! I love a good joke, but I am just not creative enough!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! AND-- you were lucky #4 to reply to my blog post (and since one of the first three is actually coming to visit and I can give her cookies in person, I want to send some your way!) Can you send me your address (you can email me at