Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm starting to lose hope. It happened sometime last night. I went into a fit of "Why do pregnancy symptoms have to be the same as PMS symptoms?"

  • I'm it because I'm pregnant, or because my period is around the corner?
  • My boobs hurt...cause I'm pregnant, or because my period is around the corner?
  • I have a runny nose...pregnant, or allergies?
  • I'm crampy...Egg burrowing deep into lining, or lining ready to say bye-bye?
  • I have odd gagging spells...ate too much, impending all day sickness?
  • Crazy dreams...pregnancy symptom, too much spicy food?
I really could go on and on with this list.

I'm just not feeling the pregnancy vibe though. The even odder thing is that at the moment, that doesn't upset me. I know there is next month, and months after that. Just a few more days...then I'll test.

ps--love you too K.


B said...

I hope you're wrong, and that you're knocked up! I'm sure you hope the same thing. But, you're right..there's next month and the months after that...I just hope it doesn't take that long. I'm crossing my fingers for you guys..can't wait for you to test.

Anonymous said...

I tend to always lose hope right around this point too-- but I know that you know, as I do, that feeling or not feeling pregnant really is no indicator of actually BEING pregnant. So I am going to stay very hopeful, out here, that this is your month!!

Jen said...

I really hope you are wrong! And both times I've been pregnant I've never had much in terms of symptoms that wasn't attributable to the drugs or PMS-like symptoms!

Anonymous said...

So frustrating! Just keep thinking positive. You know I think things are going in your favor. Hang in there. The 2ww is almost over, and I think you are so strong for not testing yet!

LKC said...

Hang in there because it isn't over yet! I'm sending lots of positive energy your way.

Kim said...

Don't you dare lose hope! WE gotta stay positive!! I'm the one that's gonna look like a moron if I get BFN! LOL

Ahuva Batya said...

Keep your hopes up, please! Maybe you are just trying to protect yourself in the case of disappointment. There's no reason to think you're not pregnant yet, and the symptoms certainly point that way! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Lizzie said...

Oh, I feel this!! Fingers crossed for you!