Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lots of nothing.

In case you were not aware, the two week wait sucks. (Sorry mom, I know you hate that word, but I only didn't use worse because you are reading.) Jenn asked me last night how long till we can test, I said I wanted to wait until at least 10dpiui (days past iui) to make sure the hcg shot is out of my system She asked what day are we? 2. She didn't believe me, how can we only be on day 2????

Today I should be 30 weeks pregnant. In 10 weeks I should be holding my little boy. Oh, did I tell you that we found out that Blue is a boy? Someday I'll have to tell you the story of how we found out, no one ever came out and told us, even though we had asked 101 times. I don't have the desire to get really angry right now, and telling that story will make me REALLY angry.

Tonight I am going to start walking again. Jenn assistant coaches Annabelle's softball team, so she'll be getting exercise dodging fly balls! So, to keep it so that she doesn't continue to lose 6 more pounds than me each doctors visit, I'll walk during practice.

I noticed over there on the right the labels for my posts. Number one is pregnancy. Number three is TTC. I'm hoping that we are pregnant this cycle so that TTC doesn't take over the number one spot. Silly? Yes. (Blueberry can take the #1 spot, that doesn't bother me)

I'm getting close to post #100. Anyone have any ideas on what that post should be about? I would like to hope it could be my pregnancy announcement, but I'm sure I'll post more than 6 more times before I can pee on a stick.

I had a dream last night that Jenn bought me my current dream purse. She better not have, I keep the checkbook, I know we can't afford it right now. That would be why I call it my dream purse. I had a coupon a few weeks ago for 20% off, but still couldn't make myself use it. I love my purses, and I get lots of comments about how cute they are, but I can't see spending almost two months supply of swimmers on a purse right now!! Maybe I can get it as a pushing present??

If you read my twitter updates at all you know that it is manure spreading season here in Amish Country. The other day the smell was so bad that I was gagging as we drove down the road. Then, in my ever-so-creative way, I found a solution:

Why, yes, that would be an air freshener being used as a ponytail holder! I'm such a dork!!! But, it stopped the gaggin!!

Well this was a fun post all about nada. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It's supposed to reach 70 here, and I could run outside naked with joy! (that would be scary.)


Estee said...

Thinking of you... :)

B said...

The tww is totally sucksville! I too hope that you're announcing your bfp very soon. How cool would it be to go through this together? I love the air freshener in your hair idea.

Ahuva Batya said...

I hope this 2WW is over soon with a great result. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, BTW.

Robbie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I have another great journey to follow. :)Good luck in the coming weeks. Can't wait to see your BFP post!

Anonymous said...

cute purse! I say, when the 2ww ends in a BFP, you need a celebratory bag!

JamieD said...

Yes, the 2WW does suck. Somhow, on day 2 it feels like an eternity, but then on day 5 I think, "This isn't so bad - I can do this." And then by day 10, I am counting down the hours. It will be 12:30 am and I will think, "Woo-hoo! Day 11!!"

my cowgirl alter-ego said...

The tww does suck. Tww after a miscarriage double sucks.

Your hair rocks. Hope the smell is going away a little.