Friday, April 11, 2008

And people think I'm odd.

Yes, I like expensive purses. But Jenn, she has "more expensive" tastes than I do. (you'll get the joke in this sentence in a second.

Jenn's birthday wishlist includes two things, both of which I have determined OVERKILL.

A First Aid Kit No, this isn't just any first aid kit. This is THE first aid kit. No, I don't believe it to be a first aid kit at all, I believe it to be a survival kit, like in case the whole world disappears. (please make sure you click on the kit contents link, and note the 12 pieces of candy, that is all I need to survive.)

A Year Supply of Food. Mmmmmm MRE's. Now I've had these several times. I don't think theyu are the worst thing in the world, better than rats and bats (Survivor fans??) The thing that makes me unhappy about this years supply of food is the fact that it only comes with 165 things of the yummy cheese spread (I am not being sarcastic, I lurve the cheese spread). What are we going to do the other 200 days of the year???

This is by and far Jenn's favorite website. When their catalog comes in the mail you should see the look of sheer joy on her face as she runs in the house to settle into her Laz-Y-Girl for an afternoon of educational reading, studying, and prioritizing what she needs.

Sigh, isn't she cute??


B said...

: ) Does she have nightmares about armageddon too? I wish you hadn't shown me this I have something new to obsess about. : )

JamieD said...

I have to stay away from places like Backwoods and REI. They are just so full of things that I will probably never need, but they are just too handy to live without. I am still in the process of trying to convince my husband that I need a sleeping bag that can withstand negative temperatures yet can be folded into a square small enough it could fit in my pocket. You just never know!!

my cowgirl alter-ego said...

Damn. Now B will want this stuff too! It's bad enough I'm surrounded with duct tape at all times.

I like that you like her. Sweet.