Thursday, May 15, 2008

Great Day!!! (as long as we don't discuss my hCG levels)

Lets get the hCG crap out of the way first...6. In a week my levels only went down 2.9. Seriously?? Whatever, we're repeating again next week.

Started the day by going for the hCG test, and then the barrage of tests that a Habitual Aborter should have.

Then we went to lunch at our favorite yummy Mexican place.

Then we went shopping for new shoes. Jenn got a new pair for work, and I got a new pair of crocs!!!

Then we went to the batting cage!! I love the batting cage. So much fun. We learned that I am soooo much better at fast pitch softball than slow pitch. I think slow pitch is too hard to judge or something, I dunno. We had a blast. I took a video of Jenn so that she could critique her swing. She's hoping to play on a co-ed team next year and wants to make sure that she is still in top form!! Here are a couple of pics:

Me: (Aren't I cute?!?)

Jenn: (She's so cute!! And I got the ball in the pic!)

I'll post the video in a separate post...I can't figure out how to add it here!

After that we went to Target and picked up some pet supplies (they had some good sales).

Then we went driving around looking at houses. We are still having a horrible fight with our landlord and getting rather sick of it. Not sure if we'll actually purchase a home, but it was certainly fun to drive around and look. We looked at one in the neighborhood where Jenn grew up. One of her best friends used to live there, and the swing-set where she broke her arm is still in the back yard!

Then we went grocery shopping.

After dinner Jenn went to feed Minne. I told Jenn that I remember eating Milk Bones when I was younger and thought they taste rather good. We had just bought Minne a box of five flavors at Target. So, Jenn decided to taste test them for Minne and give a review. Jenn really liked original, said bacon and beef were gross, peanut butter wasn't too bad, and refused to try the veggie flavor!! She said they did leave her teeth feeling clean, but she wasn't so sure about the fresh breath!

Trying Beef:

Sharing: (although it looks like Minne is just saying give me my bone lady!!

Hope ya'lls day was just as wonderful!!


B said...

What a nice day. Well, sortof. I can't believe Jenn ate the freaking dog biscuits. Brave woman! I played on the gay league here in Houston one season. I love to play softball, but I do not like gay men. Too much drama for me. I was thinking of playing in a womens league next season.

JamieD said...

I love the batting cages!! I'm not particularly good at it, but I have a good time.

That was a great pic of Jen hitting the ball, BTW!! Awsome action shot!!

Anonymous said...

I love crocks too! When I was little, my brother bet me $1 that I could not eat an entire charcoal flavored dog biscuit-- I did try, but he was right-- I could not do it! It was horrible!

Heather said...

I think that she should try cat food next, I've always wondered what that tasted like. Wet & dry.