Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just Let the Clubs Do the Work.

Jenn got invited to go golfing with Chris today. Can I just tell you how excited and honored she felt?? It's all I heard about for days. Last night we had to make an emergency trip to Target (like I needed a reason to go to Target) to get her a new golf bag. I demanded the new golf bag. The old one--awful. I was not about to let her leave the house with that horrible thing and embarrass me!!

They had fun, and Chris did really, really good. Jenn did good for someone who hasn't been golfing in a year (and who's wife didn't get in the shower early enough to talk her to the driving range yesterday afternoon).

As far as Just Let the Clubs Do the Work, Jenn says that is all Chris said all day, well, other than singing this song to her.

And, of course I sent the camera along to the golf course!!

Jenn modeling her new bag:

Jenn taking a swing:



B said...

I'm glad she had such a great time. If you guys lived here, Jenn could teach me to play golf. I have always wanted to be a real lesbian..but I don't have any golf course cred!

Heidi said...

I have just been informed that Jenn's picture was staged. I feel violated.

I'm so very sorry to have lied to you all.