Thursday, June 26, 2008

Because I can't live my life without something TTC related to worry about.

Dude. My ovaries hurt. This concerns me for one of two reasons.


A. I have too many follicles. In which case they might cancel the cycle as they do not want to be responsible for causing me to birth a litter of children.

B. I'm going to ovulate super early this cycle. Normally I ovulate on day 17 or 18. I'm feeling the pains now that I normally feel on day 16 or 17. My follicle scan is not until tomorrow morning. What if all the little eggies spring forth tonight?

Yes, I considered calling the RE's office today and asking their opinion on the matter. But all they will do is have me come in for bloodwork today, then do IUI tomorrow. So whats the difference in just going in tomorrow for the ultrasound???

Sigh. I wish Michelle wasn't out of town. I trust her better with such matters than Dr. F.

What's a girl to do other than sit around peeing on sticks all day ( (and in case your curious, they all look the same, almost positive, but not quite, have I ever mentioned that my body failed poas 101?)


j.k-c. said...

I had lots and lots of O pain on Clomid.....and it wasn't a bad thing for me.

B said...

ummkay, take a deep breath. perhaps you should go ahead and call the RE's office. The blood work would be done, and if an iui is called for'll be ready. your ovaries hurting could just mean that you have a super sticky follie in there just itching to get out, get fertilized and implant all snuggley like?