Friday, August 29, 2008

A contest.

I've gotten several requests for my Grandma's Tomato Soup Cookie recipe. But you see, it is a secret family recipe handed down from generation to generation and I just don't know if it is fair to spread the goodness around. I mean these cookies are just totally awesome and if everyone started making the same cookie then they might lose some of their supreme awesomeness. So..... I shall have a contest. Winners are anyone who correctly identity's the following photo.

Without heading over to my flickr site, or checking the properties of this photo, or cheating off of someone else's answer, or any other means of cheating please identify the location of this photo.

It is one of Jenn's and mine's favorite places in the world. We go here when we need a few moments of quiet reflection, and never take the dog.

(Leave your email addy in your comment so I can send you the recipe if you are right!)



Estee said...

I know where I go when I need some peace and quiet- the carwash! Maddux is terrified of it, so I am allowed approximately 4 minutes of silence, relatively speaking. :)

I hope you are doing well, I was thinking of you yesterday. Breuklyn had her very first Daisy Scout meeting. It reminded me of the years of Girls Camp. Ugh. :)

N said...

A car wash? That's funny. Though it looks like a closet to me. But I'm probably nowhere close, so don't sweat it. ;-)

Kim said...

Do I get extra points if I tell you where that car wash is exactly? LOL

Anonymous said...

Do you like the colors as they splash on the window? That's my fave!


Anonymous said...

It's the carwash!!!! Am I too late?!

B said...

That's a car wash? I would have never guessed that.