Thursday, August 21, 2008


The other day at the evil store I hate to admit that I shopped at, Jenn and I needed some new Rubbermaid tubs (We use them as luggage) and hark!! What did I see but a beautiful PINK one. Well, several beautiful pink ones, buried in the middle of blue ones. Poor Jenn, I made her dig them out. Have you ever tried to pull apart a large stack of new tubs like that?? Not easy.

I laughed at her, but she wouldn't let me help, or didn't like the way I helped or something.

Sara sent me a beautious set of mismatched sockies and I wore them to my ultrasound, IUI, and Clomid check. Without washing them. Don't say ick to me, football players go whole seasons without washing their underwear. I can wear the same pair of socks 3 times for less than a total of 45 minutes and not get icky feet.

Seen here on ultrasound day.

Last night Jenn was walking up the stairs and said "Look what came in the mail today!" It was the New Holland fair booklet telling us all the rules and whatnots for their different competitions. I said "OH OH OH I wanna bake cookies!!!" Jenn said "You say that every year." To which I replied "Well, this year I'm going to do it, maybe if I win a blue ribbon they'll give me a baby." And promptly started bawling. I couldn't stop. What a silly thing to respond and what a silly thing to not be able to stop crying over. But honestly, in that moment, inside my head it was like that was the whole reason that we don't have a baby. Because I didn't enter my Grandma's tomato soup cookies into the fair. Sigh. I'm crazy. (Yes, I am, but its okay, I like to be somewhat crazy)

I know I had more random thoughts to ramble on about, but I don't remember what they were so ya'll are gonna have to wait for another day to hear me ramble. xxoo


B said...

Tomato soup cookies? I love tomato soup..but...ick! Are they just red like tomato soup? Thank you for your help with the soup last night. She loved it.

Mrs. Spit said...

Thinking of you. Love the socks. They worked brilliantly for alicia!

Chris said...

IUI day?! Whoa! Best of luck to you!

Kim said...

I love the pink tubs and that's SO something I would do to M! :o)

Lovin' the socks too. I just got some kokpelli ones and can't wait for them to work their magic on this next cycle! (which looks like we will be doing together? We're hoping for a +OPK the beginning of next week.)

And yes, please explain the tomato soup cookies.

My fingers are crossed for the both of us!

(made any Williamsburg plans yet?)

Anonymous said...

Tomato soup cookies? Really?

And I cry at the most random things.

And I HAVE THE SAME SOCKS! Power of dots and stripes!


Anonymous said...

Yea for the socks! They look great! I MUST know about this tomato soup cookie of which you speak (write). Please tell us more!

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