Friday, September 26, 2008

Recent Studies Show...

A recent study preformed in Leola, Pennsylvania, shows that if one person is sleeping, and the other person is watching Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State and Destination Truth, nightmares become more common in the person that is sleeping.

Subject A rolled over and fell almost immediately asleep at 11:37pm.

Subject B watched the afore mentioned television programs on Tivo.

Subject A began to moan a bit in her sleep around 1:45am.

Subject A began screaming "Footprints, Footprints" at 1:52am.

Subject B woke up subject A.

Subject A recounts the following nightmare. (Be warned, it will make you laugh, it is not until the end of the story does it become frightening for Subject A)

So, Jenn and I bought this hugantic (tis my replacement word for ginormous) new house. Well, not new house, actually it was quite old. And the guy who used to live there is giving us a tour and tells us it is haunted-AWESOME!! He also tells us that he thinks one of the ghosts likes to murder people as many, many people have been murdered in this house-he's seen the bloody footprints. So we call the guys from Ghost Hunters to come out and see what they can find. I'm walking the bald guy around the foyer and he says to me, "Lady, we are never going to figure out where the ghosts are coming from with all these doors. If you count the one under the stairs there are 87 different entrances to this room."

I send the Ghost Hunters away.

We head to bed for our first night in the house and our cell phones start acting all weird. Pictures of Martha Stewart are stuck on the screens but the phones are ringing like phone calls and texts are coming through. It freaks me out a bit, but I figure it is just the ghosts having some fun.

Then I start to hear barking coming from downstairs. All the sudden my phone works and it is the guy who used to own the house calling to tell me that he forgot to tell me that this is the official dog walking house. That all the neighbors leave the dogs in this one room so that we will walk them. Weird.

But...I ask Jenn to come downstairs with me to help walk the dogs, she refuses!! This has me totally baffled as the Jenn I know would have beat me down the stairs to play with all the dogs.

Cell phones start acting wonky again. Jenn turns on the TV to David Letterman. Except it isn't David Letterman's voice, it's the voice of the guy from Destination Truth.

I go down to the room where all the dogs are and they are playing with the phone that is in there. Duh, I say, this is why our cell phones are acting weird, the dogs keep knocking over that phone and it is programmed to auto-dial our cell phones!! Mystery solved.

Jenn has the television really loud. David Letterman with Destination Truth guy's voice is going off on how there is this big old house in Pennsylvania that keeps their big dogs outside in the pouring rain. Did I mention it was pouring rain?

Crap, I run to the back porch, which resembles my parents back porch, and there in the windows that are 10 feet off the ground is a big 10 foot tall greyhound looking back in at me with the saddest eyes, as well as like 30 other dogs. I again ask Jenn to come help me. Fine, go get the leashes out of the garage, she says.

I open the back door and all the dogs go running in (I have no idea how the 10 foot tall one got in that little door.)

I start walking along the cement path that leads to the garage.

I look down and see footprints, and I know that the man is in the garage waiting to kill me.

I scream FOOTPRINTS FOOTPRINTS, but know it is too late...

Then Jenn woke me up.

Subject A remains awake for quite a bit of time quite shaken by this both hysterical and haunting dream. Subject B comes to the conclusion that watching such shows while Subject A is sleeping may not be a good idea.

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Gia said...

Oh honey judging from the wonderful bday present you had waiting on your steps...YOU WILL NOT BE TO FAR BEHIND!!!!