Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poor Customer Service Stinks or How to Entertain a 33 year old for 2 hours.

We've been busy little bees today!! Lots of errands checked off our list!!

  • 11:30am-Injectables class. Again, a whole lot of information inputed. I start daily injections of 20 units of Lupron on Tuesday. I took good notes and Jenn practiced drawing up the injections, using the Follistim pen, and injecting fake flesh.
  • 12:15pm-Arrive at one of my favorite dining destinations Isaac's Deli. Their mascot is a flamingo, but they make great food too, killer red potato salad (side note, when I was pregnant with Blue I ate a whole quart of this killer red potato salad for dinner one night). We are seated.
  • 12:35pm-Luke, our young waiter, rushes past with apologies and says he will be right back to get our drink orders.
  • 12:45pm-Luke brings us our dish of pickles (holy cow, I lurve them) and promises that this time he really will be right back to get our drink orders.
  • 12:50pm-Luke gets our drink orders.
  • 1:00pm-Luke brings drinks and promises to be right back to get our food orders.
  • 1:15pm-Luke gets our orders. A Finch-replace the muenster with cheddar, extra mayo, and a toasted pretzel roll with butter and jelly for Jenn. A flamingo with extra Ikey's (horseradish) sauce and red potato salad for me. Both of us would prefer Baked Lays instead of the scary veggie chips that normally come with our meal.
  • 1:27pm-Luke comes back with my potato salad and asks Jenn what she ordered as an appetizer. We remind him and he disappears into oblivion again. Now mind you, I understand that it was fairly busy in the restaurant, but seriously, this is getting a little old.
  • 1:31pm-I am already finished with my potato salad because it was that darn good.
  • 1:35pm-Luke brings our sandwiches. With scary veggie chips.
  • 1:35pm-Luke removes our sandwiches from the table.
  • 1:36pm-Luke brings our sandwiches. With Baked Lays. Jenn asks for a refill on her drink.
  • 1:45pm-Luke brings Jenn's toasted pretzel roll with butter and jelly.
  • 1:53pm-Luke asks how we are doing, fine, can Jenn get a refill. "Oh yes!!!"
  • 2:04pm-Luke brings the refill. I ask for a box for the other half of my sandwich (that will be my lunch tomorrow). Jenn begins playing with her new drink. We shall call this pin the straw on the lemon wedge.

  • 2:15pm-Luke stops by to see how we are doing. Fine, can I have a box?
  • 2:20pm-Jenn wins the first round of pin the straw on the lemon wedge.

  • 2:23pm-Luke stops by, how we doing. Great!! Can I get a box. "Oh, Yes!!!"
  • 2:25pm-Jenn moves on to seeing if she can get the stabber into the straw and pull it out of the glass without the lemon wedge.
  • 2:33pm-Luke brings me my freaking box. Anything else?? Yes, check please, hopefully sometime this year.
  • 2:37pm-Jenn gets the stabber into the straw and pulls it out of the glass without the lemon wedge.

  • 2:39pm-Holy crap, Luke brought our check!! He apologizes for the long lunch, and doesn't charge us the $1.50 for the toasted pretzel with butter and jelly. Thanks. OH, and he'll take the check whenever we're ready. What?? We don't pay up front anymore???? Well if I would have known that I would have had the credit card ready cause heaven only knows when you are actually going to come back to get it!
  • 2:42pm-wow, Luke came back for the credit card.
  • 2:44pm-I say a little loudly, I'd appreciate if you didn't take my credit card on a tour of the place, as Luke sets my card and bill down on the table next to us to take their order. Thank you for broadcasting my credit card number.
  • 2:freaking57pm-Luke brings me my receipt to sign.
  • 2:58pm-I leave a $1.00 tip.
This has gotten pretty long. Not by my fault, but by Luke's. So..we went to Costco, Wawa, Giant and home. Then we went out a bit later to see how long it takes to get the place where Jenn has an interview on Monday.

Now, I'm watching Survivor and heading to bed!!


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JamieD said...

Wow - I hope Luke wears a name tag so I know who to stay away from!!