Monday, October 20, 2008

Mingo Monday

A lot of the blogs I read have cute themes on certain days. I'm jealous. I want one too. So....I present to you the first installment of Mingo Monday!!!

In case you've never read my snippet on the side bar...I collect flamingos. I love them. A lot.

For our first story, I share with you the beginning of the obsession. I always felt bad for pink flamingo lawn ornaments because most people don't like them. People think they are tacky and then ignore them. Oh, the poor flamingos. So I started joking that one day I was going to have a whole yard full of flamingos. When I was in high school the popularity of those companies that put a bunch of animals in your yard for special occasions was just starting.

For my graduation present my Aunt Kari hired one of those companies to deliver 50 pink flamingos to my front yard. I was beyond thrilled. When I came downstairs that morning my mom told me there was something outside for me.

Me and my mingos. Note that I am wearing jelly slippers. I was so excited when I bought them in the store. I remember my mom giving me a hard time for wearing them to graduation. Oddly, I don't remember what I wore under my gown, but I remember what shoes I was wearing!

Just the mingos:

**sorry for poor picture quality, these are digital pictures of actual pictures, as there were no digital cameras when I graduated from high school a million years ago**


JamieD said...

That is awesome!! I love it! Perfect Heidi . . .

B said...

Love the mingos! I will one day have a yard full of gnomes as well!!

IrishNYC said...

I used to have the coolest flamingo stationery when I was in high school - even longer ago than you were in high school. I wish I could remember who made it. The flamingo on it had a pompadour and a leather motorcycle jacket.

Anonymous said...

So cute!